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24 FIFTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. I. Cris. 57, 59. 1892. izoek Creek_and Sec. 3. That the Rock Creek Railway Company and the Eckmgton f,‘j,f;Q‘,§';°';_,,f;,*‘1f,',,’§,¥ and Soldiers’ Home Railway Company shall have the power to make trmfor running cm any contracts or agreements that may be necessary to enable the said §{§§,_*“‘°k“ °f mh companies to run the cars of each or either company over the tracks of the other company, and also to contract for and use the power of each or either company to propel the cars of the other company. The said comiiieiieemenz and extension and branch shall be completed within one year and a half °°"'*’1°“°“‘ from the passage of this act. _ _ opening of meets, Sec. 4. That the streets or avenues opened under the provisions of °"‘· this act shaH conform to the general plans for the extension of the streets and avenues of the District of Columbia, and shall be laid out under the direction of the Commissioners of the District of Columbia. iimemimm, ae. Size. 5. That Congress reserves the right at any time to alter, amend, or repeal this act. ' Approved, April 30, 1892. May 3, 1892. CHAP. 59.-An actto create a third division of the district of Kansas for judicial —————-···—~·· purposes, and to fix the time for holding court therein. Be it enacted In; the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Kansas jiiiiieiiiiins- States of America in Congress assembled, That the counties of Miami, ‘“°‘· Linn, Bourbon, Crawford, Cherokee, Labette, N eosho, Allen, Ander- Third division um- son, Coffey, Woodson, Wilson, Montgomery, Chautauqua, Elk and

“,{“§’d;m 5,, p_ 8,, Greenwood in the State of Kansas, shall constitute the third division

meinés.`of the judicial district of Kansas, and a term of the circuit and district _ }§§§,'“‘s;,0,,_ courts for said district shall be held therein at the city of Fort Scott, on the iirst Monday of May and the first Monday of November of each year. The remaining counties heretofore embraced in the first division of the judicial district of Kansas shall constitute the first division thereof Jmmcm, in me Sec. 2. That all civil suits which shall hereafter be brought against ¤¤¤¢¤· a defendant or defendants who reside in said third division of said district shall be brought in said third division, but if there are two or more defendants residing in different divisions of said district, such suit may be brought in either division of said district in which any defendant or defendants reside, and all mesne and final process subject to the provisions of this act, issued in either of the divisions of the judicial district of Kansas, may be served and executed in either or all of the divisions. rmietiiiiuiii mi Sec. 3. That aH crimes and offenses against the laws of the United °***¤°¤- States hereafter committed within the counties comprising the third division of said district, and all crimes and offenses against said laws known and defined as infamous hereafter committed within the limits oiiipiw Indian of the Quapaw Indian Agency, in the Indian Territory, and of which the Ag°¤'F· courts in Kansas have heretofore had jurisdiction, shall be prosecuted, tried, and determined at the terms of the district court hereinbefore rims. provided for: Provided, That all such crimes and offenses heretofore _i>miiiig pr0secu· committed within said district shall be prosecuted, tried, and deter-

    • °”¤· mined in the same manner and with the same effect as if this act had

not been passed. nppiiiymmiiiii and Sec. 4. That the clerks of the circuit and district courts for said dis- °*‘“"k“· trict and the marshal of said district shall each appoint a deputy, who shall reside and maintain an office at the City of Fort Scott, each of whom shall, in the absence of the clerks or marshal, exercise all the powers and perform all the duties of his principal within the division Pmiw. for which he shall be appointed: Provided That the appointment of

;·;:ppm~»·¤ ¤i» such deputy shall be approved by the court for which they shall be re-

P° ‘ spectively appointed, and they may be removed by such court at pleasure, and the clerk and marshal shall be responsible for the official acts and neglects of all their deputies.