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510 FIFTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 183. 1893. amount thereof to meet the capacities of the facilities then in use, or if actually required in order to protect the navigable rivers from damage, may revoke same until the fnuther notice of the commission. _ rorrume for vio- Sec. 19. That an intentional violation on the part of a mine owner "‘“““ °°“‘““°’“- or owners, company, or corporation, or the agents or employees of either, of the conditions of the order granted pursuant to sec- 4··¤¤·r··5<>8- tion thirteen, or such modifications thereof as may have been made by said commission, shall work a forfeiture of the privileges thereby won megs upon conferred, and upon notice being served by the order of said com- '°"*°° °f "!’"°‘* mission upon such owner or owners, company, or corporation, or agent in charge, work shall immediately cease. Said commission shall ¤¤f··¤·¤¤·¤¤¤•¤ of take necessary steps to enforce its orders in case of the failure, neglect, °"`°"' °°°' or refusal of such owner or owners, company, or corporation, or agents thereof, to comply therewith, or in the event of any person or persons, company, or corporation working by said process in said territory contrary to law. vamug mma. Sec. 20. That said commission, or a committee therefrom, or officer of said corps assigned to duty under its orders, shall, whenever deemed necessary, visit said territory and all mines operating under the pro- Rerwri- visions of this act. A report of such examination shall be placed on tile. - mgm or smut mus Sec. 21. That the said commission is hereby granted the right to use mmany of the public lands of the United States, or any rock, stone, timber, trees, brush, or material thereon or therein, for any of the purposes of this act; and the Secretary of the Interior is hereby authorized and requested, after notice has been tiled with the Commissioner of the General Land Office by said commission, setting forth what public mxigdnwslormas lands are required by it under the authority of this section, that such °‘" °'""" land or lands shall be withdrawn from sale and entry under the laws of the United States. Wglhrl hisdury w Sec. 22. That any person or persons who wilfully or maliciously in- "' "' ""°°°" jure, damage, or destroy, or attempt to injure, damage, or destroy, any dam or other work erected under the provisions of this act for restraining, impounding, or settling purposes, or for use in connection thererunny. with, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof shall be fined not to exceed the sum of five thousand dollars or be imprisoned not to exceed five years, or by both such line and imprisonvitnutuorcham ment, in the discretion of the court. And any person or persons, com- "“*‘°"'“"""· pany or corporation, their agents or employees, who shall mine by the hydraulic process directly or indirectly injuring the navigable waters of the United States, in violation of the provisions of this act shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof shall be punished ’ reumy. by a line not exceeding; five thousand dollars, or by imprisonment not exceeding one year, or by both such Hue and imprisonment, in the disnum. cretion of the court: Provided, That this section shall take effect on °¤’°""“'° "“‘°· the first day of May, eighteen hundred and ninety-three. Tu gn gm., pm. Sec. 23. That upon the construction by the said commission of dams fnéysz M l¤y·¤¤¤li¤ or other works for the detention of debris from hydraulic mines and ' the issuing of the order provided for by this act to any individual, company, or corporation to work any mine or mines by hydraulic process, the individual, company or corporation operating thereunder working any mine or mines by hydraulic process, the debris from which ilows into or is in whole or in part restrained by such dams or other works erected by said commission, shall pay a tax of three per centum on the =`}'=;<mjiy·t¤:·:¤ ¤¤·1 gross proceeds of his, their, or its mine so worked; which tax of three ’°g..g..i.¤,5a, per centum shall be ascertained and paid in accordance with regulations to be adopted by the Secretary of the Treasury, and the Treasurer of the United States is hereby authorized to receive the same. All _ _ __ sums of money paid into the Treasury under this section shall be set m{,{e§“""' "“'"* apart and credited to a fund to be known as the “Debris Fund? and xxpgungures sqm shall be expended by said commission under the supervision of the QQQQY ’ ° °"‘“““" Chief of Engineers and direction of the Secretary of War, in addition