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FIFTYSECON D CONGRESS. Sess. H. Cns. 183, 184. 1893. 51], to the appropriations made by law in the construction and maintenance of such restraining works and settling reservoirs as may be proper and necessary: Provided, That said commission is hereby authorized to re- mounts. ceive and pay into the Treasury from the owner or owners of mines ,m*}u°,';,jgo_@f,‘g;’§:°°° worked by the hydraulic process, to whom permission may have been ` granted so to work under the provisions hereof, such money advances as may be offered to aid in the construction of such impounding dams or other restraining works, or settling reservoirs, or sites therefor, as may be deemed necessary by said commission to protect the navigable channels of said river systems, on condition that all moneys so ad- R·=f¤¤<1_<>f _¤¤m¤ vanced shall be refunded as the said tax is paid into the said debris "°"°“ “ ‘”“°‘ fund: And provided further, That in no event shall the Government of I·*¤¤**¤**°¤· the United States be held liable to refund same except as directed by this section. Sec. 24. That for the purpose of securing harmony of action and ¤¤;1¤1¤¤i=¤ie·¤ my economy in expenditures in the work to be done by the United States ggiitlisisaoiiwltgr zig? and the State of California, respectively, the former in its plans for the Mmimprovement and protection of the navigable streams and to prevent the depositing of mining debris or other materials within the same, and the latter in its plans authorized by law for the reclamation, drainage, and protection of its lands, or relating to the working of hydraulic mines, the said commission is empowered to consult thereon with a commission of engineers of said State, if authorized by said State for said girpose, the result of such conference to be reported to the m§;P°¤ °¤ 009**- Chief of ngineers of the United States Army, and if by him approved Approval. shall be followed by said commission. ` S20. 25. That said commission, in order that such material as is now Mgggprgvggm or may hereafter be lodged in the tributaries of the Sacramento and mam iiumstnsualié San Joaquin River system resulting from mining operations, natural {,'°‘:,**0,°f1‘;;,;l}*t;•°:_* erosion, or other causes, shall be prevented from injuring the said navi- ae. gable rivers or such of the tributaries of either as may be navigable and the land adjacent thereto, is hereby directed and empowered, when appropriations are made therefor by law, or sufficient money is deposited for that purpose in said debris fund, to build at such points above the head of navigation in said rivers and on the main tributaries thereof, or branches of such tributaries, or at any place adjacent to the same, which in the judgment of said commission, will effect said object (the same to be of such material as will insure safety and permanency), such restraining or impounding dams and settling reservoirs, with such canals, locks, or other works adapted and required to complete same. The recommendations contained in Executive Document Numbered mR°{_Q,¤_:*;m:·;¤;: Two hundred and sixty-seven, Fifty-first Congress. second session, and mm or ew-mm. Executive Document Numbered Ninety-eight, Forty-seventh Congress, First session, as far as they refer to impounding dams, or other restraining works, are hereby adopted, and the same are directed to be made the basis ot operations. The sum of fifteen thousand dollars is hereby APP¤‘¤P¤¤°*°¤¤· appropriated, irom moneys in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, to be immediately available to defray the expenses of said commission. Approved, March 1, 1893. CHAP. 184.-An net authorizing the Saint Louis and Madison Transfer Company Much 1. mes. to construct a bridge over the Mississippi River. ‘·—·_‘;""" Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the consent of Congress sam Lquis spa is hereby given to the Saint Louis and Madison Bridge Transfer Com- 1g::?:, ,.,X"{,$,.;§{ pany, a corporation created by the laws of the State of Illinois, or its gggqggrgg ,§§j·=* =* successors or assigns, to build a bridge, as hereinafter described, and` maintain the same across the Mississippi River immediately adjoining and south of the Merchants’ Bridge, at Saint Louis, Missouri. Said