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FIFTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 185. 1893. 52] partments of instruction of the Military Academy shall be purchased by contract or otherwise, as the Secretary of War may deem best. For purchase of instruments for band, eight hundred and sixty- M¤¤¤¤=¤i ¤¤r>rli¤¤ seven dollars and fifty cents For purchase of music for band to be purchased in open market on the order of the Superintendent, two hundred dollars. Purchase of springs, pads, strings, and other necessary articles, for band instruments, one hundred dollars. PUBLIC WORKS. Public works. For buildings and grounds: For repairing roads and paths, includ- R¤r·¤i**¤z¢¤¤¤¤»¢*<=· ing roads and bridges on reservation, five hundred dollars. For continuing construction of breast-high wall in dangerous places, five hundred dollars. For water works: Renewal of material in filter beds; improving ven- W****=“'°’k¤· tilation of filter house and water house; hose for use in cleaning filter beds and water house, and for use in iire service at same; tools, implements, and materials for use of the two keepers, and for repairs of siphon house, filter house, and of four and one-half miles of supply pipes; for shed for tools and storage of fuel for keeper of Round Pond, and for tool house at iilter; for gauges at Round Pond and Delaiield Pond, and stairs for access to same, five hundred dollars. For broken stone and gravel for roads, two thousand dollars. For maintaining and improving the grounds of the post cemetery, °°¤°**"¥· including the purchase of trees, plants, tools, and materials, to be immediately available, one thousand five hundred dollars. _ For repair of cooking utensils and the replacement of worn-out cook- mE’},‘f_’“'“*°"°° °°*”‘"` ing utensils in the cadet subsistence department, three hundred and twenty-six dollars, to be expended without advertising. For repairs of chairs, tables, and other furniture in cadet subsistence department, to be expended without advertising, fifty dollars. For painting, kalsominin g, whitewashin g, and repairing interior walls of cadet mess building, kitchen, dish pantry, bakery, dormitories, and Storerooms, and for incidental repairs about the same, to be expended without advertising, one hundred and fifty dollars. For general repairs to the cadet laundry, painting, renewing machinery, and incidental repairs to machinery, to be expended without advertising, three hundred dollars. _ For plastering the unfinished parts of the double building occupied Im*f;‘§;‘;;,s_°“‘ “'* by the cadet quartermaster’s department, for painting, and for general incidental repairs and improvements to the said building, five hundred dollars. For machines, mattresses, and apparatus for the equipment of the N"' l¤"“““*°'°· new gymnasium, one thousand five hundred dollars, to be immediately available. For repairs to cadet barracks, kalsomining ceilings in cadet rooms, cum bamchn. one thousand two hundred dollars. For new roof on porch, four hundred and eighty dollars. I I For painting walls and woodwork, one thousand eight hundred dollars. For retubing and repairing four eighty-horse power horizontal tubu- sam mea¤r.m lar boilers used for heating with steam the academic building, cadet . barracks, commandant’s omce, mess hall, hospital, and cadet sinks. one thousand five hundred dollars. For heating and supplying river water for swimming tank in the new gymnasium, including building for apparatus, six thousand dollars. For enlargement of the steam heating plant of the Academy, nine thousand five hundred dollars. For one steam-heating apparatus complete, for quarters No. twenty- seven, four hundred and fifty dollars.