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FIFTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. CHS. 186, 187. 1893. 523 For repair of water faucets, iiiteeu dollars. R¤v¤ir¤- For repair of firing house: For reshingliug roof, fifty dollars. For constructing a porch around the east end of the West Point army mess building, and for repairs and improvements of the mess building, one thousand five hundred dollars. For addition to house of master mechanic, eight hundred dollars. For one blacksmith shop near the cavalry stable and riding hall, four hundred dollars. 1 For repairs to quarters of married enlisted men, three thousand dollars. . For repairs and improvements to barracks of Company E. Battalion of Engineers, and steam plant for heating same, three thousand dollars. For one set of officers’ quarters, seven thousand dollars: Provided, gg5g;' ‘1“”“°'¤· That the quarters be so constructed as to accommodate two married cemmieaou. officers and their families. For quarters in one building for unmarried officers, including plumbing heating, and lighting apparatus complete, fifteen thousand dollars. Izor one set of hospital steward’s quarters at soldier’s hospital, West uiggvtu ¤¢¤w=¤¤’¤ Point, New York, in accordance with modiiicationsmade by Assistant q "° Surgeon Kilbourne in plan of Plates P and Q, Appendix to Circular numbered ten, War Department, Surgeon-General’s Oihce, eighteen hundred and eighty-seven, during iiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and ninety-four, material to be of brick instead of wood, as in plan, and tohave a cemented cellar under kitchen; bath room to have a bath tub, water-closet, and requisite plumbing; house drains to be connected with hospital sewer; set washtubs in kitchen with necessary plumbing; ,kitchen sink, with requisite plumbing; gas iixtures and connection with hospital main; range and boilerin kitchen, and necessary plumbing to supply bath room, kitchen sink, and washtubs; coal grate in parlor and in trout chamber; dining room walls to be pierced for stovepipe leading from stove i n lobby; space between chimney and wall in front chamber to be inelosed and finished as a closet opening into this and the eleven by fourteen foot chamber; detached coal and wood shed in rear of quarters; two thousand six hundred and forty-five dollars and twenty cents. For one one-story brick building, fifteen by twenty feet, for housing the engine and dynamo used in electric lighting of the riding hall, three hundred dollars. For one new reservoir, sixteen thousand dollars. MW *°¤°"°*’· For one platform for new eightinch ride and one platform for twelve- °“" "'“"°"“"‘ inch breech-loading mortar, as follows: For platform for the eightinch rille, five hundred and fifty dollars. Immmm mh For platform for twelve-inch breech-loading mortar, six hundred dol- me. V y lars, to be immediately available. For replacin g three granite center-pintle platforms for eight-inch converted rifles in the seacoast battery with front-pintle granite platforms, at six hundred doHars each, one thousand eight hundred dollars. Approved, March 1, 1893. CEA?. 1B'I.—Au act making appropriations for the payment of invalid and other pensions of the United States for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and ninety-four, and for other purposes. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United _ _ Sta tes of America in Congress assembled, That the following sums be, ,§,‘j,'f“‘°““ “*""°’“’* and the same are hereby, appropriated, out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, for the payment of pensions for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and ninety-four, and for other purposes, namely: I rd _ _ , , . uva. 1 . etc., pen· Fo!' ATmy and Navy pensions, as follows: For invahds, WIGOWS, mus. minor children, and dependent relatives, Army nurses, survivors and