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540 FIFTY-SECOND CON GBESS. Sess. II. Ch. 199. 189. such overseers, inspectors and other employees, and their work, and the sums paid to each, and out of what appropriation. rnqun-y,¤.¤u specific That the Commissioners of the District of Columbia shall, prior to the

 Q, {Q first day of October, eighteen hundred and ninety-three, enquire fully

mare. " as to the employment of each and every officer, inspector clerk, foreman or other persons, except day laborers, who are or may be employed · in the execution of appropriations for street, road, or sewer work, the construction and repair of buildings, bridges, or any other work, and who are paid irom such appropriations, the necessity for such employ- ment, whether the compensation paid is excessive in any case or cases; and in their estimates of appropriations for the government of the 'District of Columbia for the fiscal year eighteen hundred and ninety-five it shall be their duty to submit specific estimates, in no case exceeding the compensation actually paid for the same or similar services during the fiscal year eighteen hundred and ninety-two, for all such officers, overseers, inspectors, clerks, or other employees, except day-laborers, whose annual employment they deem necessary and whom they believe to be indispensable to an efficient and economical execution of the said appropriations for which they may submit estimates for the fiscal year eighteen hundred and ninety-five, speciiying the number of persons to be so {employed, the omce which they would be employed, and the rate o compensation to eac . bxeereeeeueee or Surnumrnnnnnr or Giunrrm ; For superintendent of charities, ° ‘°°‘ three thousand dollars. <>·>¤l¤l¤:¤¤¢•¤r¤¤•¤¤- CONTINGENT mxrmnsms. For contingent of the government of the District of Columbia, namely : For printing, checks, books, stationery, detection of irands on the revenue, repairs of market houses, painting; binding, rebinding, repairing, and preservation of record ; maintaining and keeping in good order the laboratory and apparatus in the offices of the inspector of gas and meters and the inspector of asphalt and cement; damages, care of horses, not otherwise provided for; horseshoeing, fuel, ice, gas, repairs, insurance, repairs to pound and vehicles, and other general necessary expenses of District offices, including the sinking-fund office, office of the superintendent of charities, harbor master, health department, and police court, twenty-four thousand dollars; and the Commissioners shall P¤·¤*•¤· so apportion this sum as to prevent a deiiciency therein: Provided, me of ne¤·•••, etc. tlhatnhorsies and vehicles appropriated for in this act shall be used only or 0 cia purposes. sum;. For contingent expenses of stables of the Engineer Department, including forage, livery of horses, shoeing, purchase and repair of vehicles, purchase and repair of harness, blankets, lap robes, purchase of horses, whips, oil, brushes, combs, sponges, chamois skins, buckets, halters, Jacks, rubber boots and coats, medicines, and other necessary articles and expenses, six thousand dollars; and no expenditure on account of {ge Enlgmiesr Deparglnenttufog the items named in this paragraph shall ma e manyo· er n . F~¤¤°- For rent of District otilces, three thousand six hundred dollars. For rent of property yards, three hundred dollars. uggllwiing personal _For_necessary expenses in the collection of overdue personal taxes by ‘ dlrstrarnté gud hsaleir 1;-1 gtlaerwise, and for other necessary items, one ousan ve un dollars. Jwlicinl •¤1>e¤¤¤¤- For judicial expenses, including procurement of chains of title, the printing of briefs and witness fees in District eases before the supreme court of the District of Columbia, six hundred dollars. ¤¤¤·¤¤r’¤ ¤rv¤¤¤<¤¤· For livery of horse or horse hire for coroner’s office, juror’s fees, removal of deceased persons, making autopsies, ice for morgue, and holding mquests, nine hundred and seventy-five dollars. Advertising. For general advertising, authorized and required by law, and for tax and slchopll ntptacm and notices of changes in regulations, two thousand mne un re ( dollars.