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30 FIFTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ons. 67,68. 1892. their number as president, who, together with themselves, shall hold office until the next ensuing election, as herein provided for; and five members of said board shall compose a quorum. And in case that an election for directors should not be made when pursuant to this act,'1t should have been made, the company for that cause shall not be dissolved; and it shall be lawful, within forty days thereafter, to hold and make an election for directors in such manner as the by—laws of the company may prescribe, and the president and directors for the time vmmm being shall be continued in office until such election takes place; and ` in the event of death, resignation, or removal of any director from oflice his place for the remainder of his term may be filled by the president and directors for the time being in such manner as the by-laws ma rescribe.” Syedbnd. Tlilat said act be further amended by the addition of a tenth section as fo ows: my mu ¢¢SEc. 10. That said company may lease, purchase, hold and convey . °'“°°‘ real estate not exceeding in value two hundred and fifty thousand dollars, and such in addition as it may acquire in satisfaction of debts due the corporation, under sales, decrees, judgments, deeds of trust, mm. and mortgages: Provided, That any property so_ acquired in satisfacq&}j,*g§){°g;§§§f‘“ """ tion of debts due the corporation as above provided, shall not be held or owned by said company for gnore than five years; but shall be sold and conveyed within that time. Approved, May Ll, 1892. _ May 12, 1892. CHAP. 68.-An act to authorize the construction of a bridge across the Missouri --——————·—· River at De Witt, Carroll county, Missouri, and to establish it as a post road. Be it enacted In; the Senate cmd House of Representatives of the United ni-tok rmi na States of America in Congress assembled, That it shall be lawful for the ¥°"“’°'“ ““"“F°"“ Brookneld and Northern Railroad Company a corporation organized Loinpnny may bnd B _ _ _ _ 1 _ Mipscun River nt 1§¤ under the laws of the State oi Missouri, or its successors or assigns, to w’“· °"* construct a bridge across the Missouri River at a point opposite, or as nearly opposite as may be, to the town of De Witt, in the county of Carroll and State of Missouri; that said bridge may be constructed for R¤¤w¤y =¤¤iw•s¤¤ railway, wagon, and postal service, with single or double track for bd"?" iailwayftrallic, arédd which shall be under the conditions and limitations ereina ter speci . umismem nm- Sno 2. That said bridge shall not interfere with the free navigation ¤‘“°“· of said river beyond what may be necessary to carry into effect the rights and privileges herein granted, and in case of any litigation aris- Lxtigmou. ing under the provisions of this act such litigation may be tried and determined by the circuit court of the United States within whose jurisdiction said bridge is located. Gvwmcvvn- Sec. 3. That the bridge hereby authorized to be constructed must be constructed as a high bridge, with unbroken and continuous spans, spina. all spans over the water way to have a clear channel way of not less than four hundred feet and a clear head room of not less than fifty-five teet above high water mark. mfi¤;j:;lr;;;:¤¢¤r¤ S : Thgt alpyllbrlgid? construcged vhnderdthis shall a llawigil c n s a e nown as pos roa , an e same is ere declared to be a post road, over which no higher charge shall be madb for the transmission of mails, troops, and munitions of war of the Government of the United States or ior passenger or freight passing over the same than the rate per mile charged for their transportation over the railroad or public highways leading to the said bridge, and equal privileges in the use of said bridge shall be granted to all telegraph rms msgnpn. and telephone companies. The United States shall have also the right of way over said bridge for postal-telegrap purposes. Use by mm com- Sno: 5. That all railway companies desiring to use said bridge shall "°i°°' be entitled to equal rights and privileges in using the same, including