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550 FIFTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. OH. 199. 1893. . . . rovided for five thousand dollars, and twenty-one thousand dollars .ti:im°dm°1y °m1° gdditional ai be immediately available; in all, twenty-six thousand 1*f;_°,:§,’;“ dollars: Provided, That in the purchase of all articles provided for in ` this act no more than the market price shall be paid for any such articles, and all bids for any of such articles above the market price shall be rejected. PrE•£’;'f**°*°’i°° Md Fox REFORMATORIES AND PRISONS. support ommvam. SUPPORT OF CONVIGTS: For support, maintenance and transportation of convicts transferred from the District of Columbia, to be expended under the direction of the Attorney—General, twenty-five thousand dollars. T¤¤~v¤¤i¤s we TRANSPORTATION or PAUPERS AND PRISONERS: For transporta- °“°°` °°°` tion of paupers and conveying prisoners to the workhouse, four thousand dollars. wmmigwn Any- FOR. WASHINGTON ASYLUM: For one intendant, one thousand two l‘““‘ hundred dollars; one matron, six hundred dollars; one visiting phy- sician, one thousand and eighty dollars; one resident physician, four hundred and eighty dollars; one clerk, six hundred dollars; one baker, four hundred and twenty dollars; one overseer, nine hundred dollars; five overseers, at six hundred dollars each; one engineer, six hundred dollars; one assistant engineer, three hundred and fifty dollars; one second assistant engineer, three hundred dollars; five watchmen, at three hundred and sixty-five dollars each; one blacksmith, three hundred dollars; one hostler and ambulance driver, two hundred and forty dollars; one female keeper at workhouse, at three hundred dollars; one female keeper at workhouse, at one hundred and eighty dollars; four cooks, at one hundred and twenty dollars each; two cooks, at sixty dollars each; one trained nurse, four hundred and twenty dollars; and five nurses, at sixty dollars each; in all, thirteen thousand six hundred and ninetyfive dollars. G¤n¢i¤g¤¤¢¤=r¤¤¤¤¤· For contingent expenses, including improvements and repairs, provisions, fuel forage, lumber, shoes, clothing, dry goods, tailoring, hardware, medicines, repairs to tools, cars, tracks, steam heating and cooking apparatus, painting, and other necessary items and services, forty-tive thousand five hundred dollars. For the renewal of plumbing in the almshouse and repairs, three thousand dollars. gsmm. ,,,;,0,,; Fon Bn1Fo12M SCHOOL: For superintendent, one thousand Eve hundred dollars; assistant superintendent, nine hundred dollars; teachers and assistant teachers, three thousand five hundred dollars; matron of school, six hundred dollars; three matrons of families, at one hundred and eighty dollars each; three foremen of workshops, at six hundred and sixty dollars each; farmer, four hundred and eighty dollars; en gineer, three hundred and ninety-six dollars; one assistant engineer, three hundred dollars; baker, cook, shoemaker, and tailor, at three hundred dollars each; laundress, one hundred and eighty dollars; two dining room servants, seamstress, and chambermaid, at one hundred and forty-tour dollars each; florist, three hundred and sixty dollars; watclnnen, not exceeding five in number, one thousand one hundred and tbrty dollars; secretary and treasurer of board of trustees, six hiupdred dollars; in all, fourteen thousand two hundred and fifty-two 0 RFS. support oriumms. For support of inmates, including groceries, ilour, feed, meats dry goods, leather, shoes, gas, fuel, hardware, tableware, inrniture, farm implements and seeds, harness and repairs to same, fertilizers, books, stationery, plumbing, painting and glazing, medicines and medical attendance, stock, iencing; repairs to buildings, and other necessary items, including compensation, not exceeding nine hundred dollars tbr additional labor or services, and for transportation and other necessary