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562 FIFTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 203. 1893. The O Cann, Wab Augh Noe A Sey, Pay Ah N ough, Chaugh Co Thow, Fish A Tame Augh, No Ten Wa Atte, May Scop Patte Sant, S0 Tea N augh, Panney Paw He Wah, Tush Come Mee, Pass Car U Taugh, Ketch Tee Waw, O Ke Maw Waw, See No Som Mee, Wap Pee Chee Ka Way, West Sact to Sauth, Mat Tanney, Auch Chest Caw, Chest Kee Augh, May Say Qna Sheald, Mau Kaugh The Sey, Pee Quaa, West Scoa Thay, Kam Keney Nay, Mass McCarmick, So Puck A Waw, Kee Wi Quar Kuck, Young Ah Qua They, Pangh Thee Sist Lugt, Atch Ah Thee, Pa Me Thought, Wah Theim Augh, Mautch E N onine Augh, Pene A Pan Thought, Mack Aureyer, Angh Pant Thousepyeare, Pat The Sathe, Em Ne Statte, E Cone Putt, Neet C0 Tau Quaw Paw, Oka Matha Thou, Waw Pee Pam. “By OC—QUA·NOC-A·SEY (his x mark), ¢*KnE-so-com-mmm (his x mark), J 0uN T. HILL, "Attorneys in fact. Aw.1>. 557- “(See power of attorney hereto attached.) “Attest: “WM F RYAN. “SAo AND Fox INDIAN AGENCY , “Indian Territory. °¤¥¤¤¤¤¢i¢>¤- “I, Samuel L. Patrick, United States Indian agent at Sac and Fox Indian Agency, in the Indian Territory, hereby certify that the Kickapoo tribe of Indians is attached to said agency; that there are no complete rolls of the persons constituting said tribe of Indians, they have persistently refused to have or permit an enrollment to be made, but from all the information I can obtain I certify that the male adult pop ulation of said tribe is about fifty (50), but I am certain that it can not exceed sixty (60). “Given under my hand, on the Kickapoo Reservation this 20th day of June, A. D. 1891. "SAMUEL L. Plunrcx, United States Indian Agent. “I, Joseph Whipple, hereby certify that I am a member of the Kicka~ poo tribe of Indians, in the Indian Territory and was chosen by Oc—quanoe-a-sey and Kee sh0—com-mee and the head men of said tribe as their interpreter; that I speak and understand well both the English and Kickapoo languages, but do not read or write; that I heard the toregoing contract read and explained by Warreri G. Sayre, one of the commissioners on the part of the United States, and that I well understand it as it was explained by him. I further certify that I, at the time said Sayre so explained it, interpreted the same to said Indians, and they were made to fully understand the same. Bxitness my hand at Washington D. C. this 9th day of September ‘*Josr·:rrr (his mark) WHIPPLE.

  • ‘ Attest;

“ Wm. F. RYAN. Therefore Be i thenacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, ng{”**’m°‘*°¤ °‘ We That said agreement be, and the same hereby is, accepted, ratined, and confirmed,

  • -That ter the purpose of carying into effect the provisions of the

Aprirvprmion. foregoing agreement there is hereby appropriated out of any moneys in the Treasury of the United States not otherwise appropriated the mpemrszure. sum of sixty-tour thousand six hundred and fifty dollars. And after-first