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574 FIFTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. C11. 208. 1893. ,V=¤¤¤¤$ ¤¤¤ Vknncrs, Sanus, AND Locks ron Pnnmc BUILDINGS: For vaults, °°k°’°safes, and locks, and repairs to the same, for all public buildings under control of the Treasury Department, exclusive of personal services, except for work done by contract, forty thousand dollars. Plans,ei¤. PLANS Fon Prmmc BUrLD1NGs: For books, photographic materials, and in duplicating plans required for all public buildings under control of the Treasury Department, two thousand five hundred dollars. wr,;g1£$l·¥;s'eg,gn1;1»:· LIGHT-HOUSES, BEAooNs, AND Foe, SIGNALS. C<=<1¤1’·>i¤¤·¥·i- For Cedar Point Ligl1t—Station, Maryland: For establishing a light and fog signal on or near Cedar Point, month of Patuxent River, Chesa- ‘ peake Bay, twen ty-five thousand dollars. cmup umn". Chicago Breakwater Light-Station, Illinois: For completing the con- “"·m· struction of a lighthouse and fog-signal on the easterly end of the outer breakwater at Chicago, Lake Michigan, Illinois, fifteen thousand five hundred dollars. cum rm, m. Chicago Fair Buoyage, Illinois: For establishing proper buoyage on the water front of Chicago, Lake Michigan, Illinois, twenty thousand dollars, to be immediately available. Grays Harbor Light and Fog-signal Station, Washington: Grays nsmu, For establishing a first-order light and fog-signal station at Grays Wlliiismmi. Harbor, Washington, in addition to the fifteen thousand five hundred dollars already appropriated, which amount may be used therefor, rama or me. twenty thousand dollars, and the total cost of said light and fog signal comma mimnsa. station, under a contract which is hereby authorized therefor, shall not exceed seventy-five thousand dollars. H·>¤I·l¤•*· V•· For Hog Island Light-Station, Virginia: For establishing a firstorder light to take the place of the fourth-order light now at Hog Island, south side of Great Machipango Inlet, seacoast of Virginia, Limit ·>f¤·•¢- thirty thousand dollars, and the total cost of said light-station, under `cwrmt authorized. a contract which is hereby authorized therefor, shaH not exceed one · hundred. and twenty-five thousand dollars. `iw W¤¤*·F¤~ Key West Light Station, Florida: For increasing the height of the tower of the Key West Light Station, Florida, one thousand five hun. dred dollars. w¥;l”°'°'°” I’°*¤'·· Marrowstone Point Fog-signal, Wasliingtonz For establishing a fog ` bell at Marrowstone Point, Puget Sound, Washington, three thousand five hundred dollars. “:§l°*;·:¤*° '°* BSN Oil houses for light stations: For establishing isolated oil houses for mm. the storage of mineral oil, seven thousand five hundred dollars: Pro- Ll¤¤·¤¤¤- vided, That no oil house erected hereunder shall exceed five hundred and fifty dollars in cost. \,R¤¤¤··¤·l L·l=¤· N- Rockland Lake Light Station, New York: For establishment of a ' light house and fog-signal at or near Oyster Bed Shoal, Hudson River, _ opposite Rockland Lake Dock, thirty-tive thousand dollars. S0§l:·{¤,{u_C*'”°"¤°• Saint Catharines Sound Light Station, Georgia: For establishment ' of a light station near the entrance to Saint Catharines Sound, Georgia, twenty thousand dollars. N§{,¤'·‘¤***“'*‘*”°P°'· Staten Island Light·House Depot, New York: For continuing the ` construction of the sea wall, rebuilding the South wharf, and dredging the basin at the general light-house depot at Tompkinsville, Staten Island, twenty-five thousand dollars. ”**d€·‘¤°'*·“°“¤· For the establishment of a beacon light on the Government breakwater at the entrance to the harbor of Bridgeport, Connecticut, two thousand dollars. msulumuig gn ng; . For the re-establishment of the lighthouse at or near Solomons Lump °"*’°° y`Light-house site. Chesapeake Bay, Virginia, recently carried away by ice, thirty thousand dollars.