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FIFTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 208. 1893. 575 For the re-establishment of the light·house at or near Wolf Trap Qelgfag ¤l¤¤¤¤- Light-house site, Chesapeake Bay, Virginia, recently carried away by pm ° y' °' ice, seventy thousand dollars. VVaackaack Light Station, New Jersey: For finishing Waackaack “'¤¤<=l¤¤¤¤l=·N··T· Light Station, New Jersey, three thousand two hundred dollars. For Brazos River Light Station, Texas: For alight-house, fog signal, B¤=¤¤ River- T¤¤- and range lights at such point as the Light House Board maydetermine, fifty thousand dollars. Grassy Point range lights, Ohio: For moving range lights, Maumee army rumours. River, Ohio, so as to properly light the new channel, eight thousand dollars. Fourteen Mile Point light and fog signal, Michigan: For establish- Mf,‘{]“'*°°¤M”° *’°*¤*· ing a light and fog signal at or near Fourteen Mile Point, Lake Supe- ` rior, Michigan, twenty thousand dollars. Seul Choix Point fog signal, Michigan: For completion of a fog sig- sem crm rom. nal at Seul Choix Point, Lake Michigan, Michigan, three thousand M‘°“‘ three hundred dollars. Lienr-nonsn ESTABLISHMENT. mgg*·*·¤•>¤·¤¤·*·¤* Surrnms or LIGHT·HOUSES: For supplying fog signals, light Surpluhouses, and other lights with illuminating, cleaning, preservative, and such other materials as may be required for annual con umption; for books, boats, and furniture for stations, and not exceeding three hundred dollars for the purchase of technical and professional books and periodicals for the use of the Light—House Board, and other incidental expenses, three hundred and seventy thousand dollars: Provided, That gm"- lenses and lens glass for the use of the Light·House Establishment may gd ;,’§§Y,}t§,R°,.{m’°'° be imported free of duty. REPAIRS OF LIGHT-HOUSE : For repairing, rebuilding, and improv- R·¤P•¤‘¤· ing light-houses and buildings, for improvements to grounds connected therewith; for establishing and repairing pierhead and other beacon lights; for illuminating apparatus and machinery to replace that already in use ; and for incidental expenses relating to these various objects, four hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars. For special and extraordinary repairs of light-houses, one hundred thousand dollars. Sxnxums or Knmrrxns or Lmnr-Honsnsz For salaries, fuel, °t}•¤v·=¤’ ¤·¤¤¤i¤·· rations, rent of quarters where necessary, and similar incidental ex- ' penses of not exceeding one thousand two hundred and fifty lighthouse and tbg-signal keepers, and laborers attending other lights, six hundred and seventy thousand dollars. Exrmcsns or Lrerrr VESSELS: For seamen’s wages, rations, repairs, ¥·la:*·*~-r<¤¤¤¤¤¤- salaries, supplies, and temporary employment and incidental expenses of light vessels, two hundred and lltty thousand dollars. Exrmnsrzs or BUoYAGE: For expenses of establishing, replacing, B“°F*¤°· and maintaining buoys, spindles, and day beacons, and for incidental expenses relating thereto, three hundred and seventy thousand dollars, to be immediately available. _ Exriznsns or Foe-Srcrunsz For establishing, replacing, duplicat· F¤z¤iz¤¤1¤· nig, and improving fog signals and buildings connected therewith, and {or repairs and incidental expenses of the same, seventy thousand dollars. INSTECTING Lmurs; For actual traveling expenses of members of e,g¤°P““”€ “¤’*°’· the Light-House Board, including rewards paid for information as to ` collisions, and for the apprehension of those who damage light-house pI‘0pe1’ty, two thousand five hundred dollars. _ _ _ LIGHTING OF Rrvmns; For establishing, supplying, and maintain- “‘“"”·? °' ""°’* ing post lights on the Hudson and East rivers, New York; the Raritan River, New Jersey; Connecticut River, Thames River between Norwich and New Loudon, Connecticut; the Delaware River, between Pllllzldelphia and Bordentown, New Jersey; the Elk River, Harylzlud;