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FIFTY-SECOND CONGRESS. - Sess. II. Ch. 208. 1893. 585 Expenses of administration: For the contingent expenses of the onice Aammmauou sxof the Commissioner, including stationery, purchase of special reports, *’°‘“°“· books for library, telegraph and telephone service, furniture, repairs to, and heating, lighting, and equipment of buildings, and compensation of temporary employees, nine thousand dollars. Propagation of food fishes: For the maintenance, equipment, and m{;gP=€=**i°¤°f ***0** operation of the fish cultural station of the Commission, the general ' propagation of food iishes and their distribution, including movement, maintenance, and repairs of cars, purchase of equipment and apparatus, contingent expenses, temporary labor, and including not exceeding fifteen thousand dollars for necessary employees for the conduct of the fish cultural stations in Texas, Vermont, Montana, and New York, authorized by acts of Congress and now being located, ninety-one thousand two hundred and fifty dollars. _ Maintenance of vessels: For the maintenance of the vessels and ,,Q§’§{§*""‘“°° °‘ "“’ launches, including the purchase and repair of boats, apparatus, machinery and other facilities required for use with the same, and contingent expenses, thirty thousand five hundred dollars. Inquiry respecting food fishes: For field and contingent expenses of gj`,‘}f“"‘°“ *""°““‘ the inquiry into the causes of the decrease of food fishes in the lakes, rivers, and coast waters of the United States, and for the study of the waters of the interior in the interest of fish culture; for the investigation of the fishing grounds of the Atlantic, Gulf, and Pacific coasts, with the view of determining their food resources, in the development of the commercial fisheries, including the expenses of necessary travel, preparation of reports, ten thousand eight hundred dollars. And the Commissioner of Fisheries is authorized and required to investigate, Investigation qs_ to under the direction of the Secretary of the Treasury, and when so re- }‘g‘1§,,,§*{° °“ P”““°" quested and report annually to him regarding the conditions of seal life upon the rookeries of the Pribilof Island; and he is also directed to S;?' •°°*° °‘ B°"”¢ continue the inquiries relative to the life history and migrations of the fur seals frequenting the waters of Bering Sea. Statistical inquiry: For necessary traveling and contingent expenses Stutisticalinquirv. in the collection and compilation of the statistics of the fisheries and . Elie study of their methods and relations, five thousand four hundred ollars. And ten per centum of the foregoing amounts for the miscellaneous 1¤••·r··1¤¤¤g¤ or exexpenses of the work of the Commission shall be available interchange- "°"‘°°“""‘ ably for expenditure on the objects named. INTERSTATE COMMERc1~: COMMISSION. C5:;ms_i_·;:_:·]U<>mm¤r¤• For salaries of Commissioners, as provided by the “Act to regulate “=·¤Mi¤··- commerce," thirty-seven thousand five hundred dollars; V¤1-‘24»v-¤8¤- For salary of Secretary, as provided by the “Act to regulate commerce," three thousand five hundred dollars; For all other necessary expenditures to enable the Commission to E==P·=¤¤¢¤· give effect to. and execute the provisions of, the said “Act to regulate commerce/’ one hundred and eightyfour thousand dollars; In all, two hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars. MISCELLANEOUS Oemers UNDER THE TREASURY DEPARTMENT. uf,;$p“;=,';j_2::Q*"* WORLD’S COLUMIBIAN EXPOSITION. wums csnmimu Exposition. GOVERNMENT Exmmr: For the selection, purchase, preparation, Govemmeutexhibit transportation, installation, care and custody, and return of such articies and materials as the heads of the several Executive Departments, the Smithsonion Institution and National Museum, and the United States Fish Commission may decide shall be embraced in the Government exhibit, and such additional articles as the President may designate for said Exposition, and for the employment of proper persons as