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602 FIFTYSECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 208. 1893. hospital furniture and supplic , heating appliances, and for expense of interment ot deceased prisoners, one thousand nve hundred dollars; For advertising for proposals for supplies, one hundred dollars; For expenses of pursuing escaped prisoners, and rewards for their capture, three hundred dollars; For the transportation of prisoners, on their discharge from the prison, to their homes (or elsewhere, as they may elect), provided the cost in each case shall not be greater than to the place of last enlistment, five thou and dollars; cmu,. .,,,1,,,,, For pay of civilian employees; One clerk, at one thousand eight hundred dollars; one clerk, at one thousand four hundred dollars, extra duty pay for prison guard, two thousand two hundred and eighty dollars; five foremen of mechanics and one engineer, at one thousand two hundred dollars per annum each; one teamster at forty dollars per month; two night watchmen and four teamsters, at thirty dollars per month each; and one iireman at sixty dollars per month, to take charge at night of the heating apparatus and electric light; in all, sixteen thousand and forty dollars. quam, mpun, For construction of buildings -and repairs of all buildings on prison °*°‘ grounds, including plumbing and all other civilian labor which can not . be done by prison labor, four thousand dollars. In all, seventy-six thousand two hundred and forty dollars. mgsgineer Depart- ENGINEER DEPARTMENT. River and harbor i¤1;>|:·,;m¤¤t~ P For continuing improvement of harbor at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: ° pm °‘ Continuing improvement removal of Smiths Island and Wiiidmill Island, R•¤¤¢¤’¤! °* i¤l¤¤<*¤· Pennsylvania, and Pettys Island, New Jersey, and adjacent shoals,five hundred thousand dollars. Mmm g,.;,.,,, For improving harbor at Galveston, Texas: Continnin g improvement to entrance to harbor, one million dollars. my Lan camper, For improving Hay Lake Channel, Saint Marys River, Michigan: °“‘“”'“ m'°"#“'°"· Continuing improvement, two hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars. g,,.;,.,,, ](ive·'·_N_Y_ For improving Hudson River, New York: Continuing improvement, five hundred thousand dollars. omsg»,1v.x. That the Secretary of War be, and he is hereby, authorized to exnE;';§*;°,‘jf:§P°;”dQ_§j pend, under the supervision of the Chief of Engineers, so much of the 4m, pm. unexpended balance remaining from the appropriation of July thirteenth, eighteen hundred and ninety-two, for improving harbor at Oswego, New York, and now available, as may be necessary and he may approve to remove a rocky ledge and other substances, and to deepen said harbor within the lines thereof to a uniform depth. em: x»¤.‘»1»» For improving Great Kanawha River, West Virginia: Continuing ”"°'·w· v“· improvement, five hundred thousand dollars. n§¤¤¤¤ Johns River. For improving Saint Johns River, Florida: Continuing improvement “‘ of channel over bar at the mouth, two hundred and eighty-four thousand five hundred dollars. ` Mississippi naw, For improving Mississippi River from the mouth of the Ohio River ',{;’,f'_jr }'],'}f}_f,d,,‘jL_ to the landing on the west bank below the Washington avenue bridge, ¤¤~.¤¤¤.‘ Minneapolis, Minnesota: Continuing improvement from the mouth of the Ohio River to the mouth of the Missouri River, six hundred and fifty-eight thousand three hundred and thirty-three dollars and thirty- three cents; continuing improvement from the mouth of the Missouri River to Minneapolis, eight hundred and sixty-six thousand six hundred and sixty-six dollars and sixty-seven cents; in all, one million five hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars. “S;m_ {min River _ For improving Saint Marys River at the Falls, Michigan: Continuing `improvement, one million two hundred and thirty thousand dollars: Prom"- Provided, that of the amount hereby appropriated the sum of twenty- five thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary, may be _,CE;·:;¤·3;•:r*¤lMw" expended in widening the present channel at “ the elbow " at the lower ‘°` end of Lake George, in Saint Mary’s River, Michigan.