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630 FIFTY-SECON D CON GRESS. SEss. H. Ch. 209. 1893. Wr<¤¤i¤s· Incidental expenses of Indian service in Wyonnng: For general incidental expenses of the Indian service, including traveling expenses of agents,.one thousand dollars. m¤¤°¤¤¤¤°¤•· MISCELLANEOUS. Hm mill. Pi¤¤¤ Flour mill Pima Agency, Arizona: Operating and repairing the

    • ’°°°°" Ml" ilour mill at {Pima Agency, Arizona, one thousand five hundred dollars.

NW *s•¤°Y· Substation and mills, Flathead Agency, Montana: Establishment of substation, purchase of saw and tlour mills, and construction of necessary buildings for same; purchase of animals and pay of employees at Flathead Agency, Montana, three thousand five hundred dollars. lantern me or That for the amount necessary to pay for the removal and subsistence °h;§‘,,]‘,,‘§.°f{_ of those members of the Eastern band of Cherokees who have removed themselves, as well as those who may now or hereafter desire to remove to the Cherokee Nation, in the Indian Territory, at the rate of fifty-three dollars and thirty-three cents per head, being the amount specified in the eighth article of the Cherokee treaty of December twenty-ninth, eightvm. o, p ms. een hundred and thirty-five, and the act of Congress approved July twenty-ninth, eighteen hundred and forty-eight, twenty thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary, to be expended under the direction of the Secretary of the Interior. “:f*”¤8 hw •“°*# Aidin g Indian allottees under act of February eighth, eighteen hun- ` dred and eighty-seven, reimbursable: This amount to be expended under the direction of the Secretary of the Interior in aiding Indians who v°’— “· P- *8- have taken land in severalty under the act of February eighth, eighteen hundred and eighty-seven, entitled “An act to provide for the allotment of lands in severalty to Indians on the various reservations, and to extend the protection of the laws of the United States and the Territories over the Indians, and for other purposes/’ to establish themselves in- homes thereon, to procure seed, farming implements, and other things necessary, in addition to means already provided by law or treaty, for the commencement of farming, fifteen thousand dollars. luiacmms Allotments under act of February eighth, eighteen hundred and eighty-seven reimbursable: To enable the President to cause, under the v°'· “· P- m provisions oil the act of February eighth, eighteen hundred and eighty- seven, entitled “An act to provide for the allotment of lands in severalty to Indians/’ such Indian reservations as in his judgment are advantageous for agricultural and grazing purposes to be surveyed, or resurveyed, for the purposes of said act, and to complete the allotment of the same, including the necessary clerical work incident thereto in the field and in the Office of Indian Affairs, and delivery of trust patents, so far as allotments shall have been selected under said act, forty thousand dollars. m$*_:{pQ;*£d°'jci=g Authority is hereby granted to Alexander Redwing, a Sioux Indian mississsigy xssssis of the Santee tribe in the State of Nebraska, to sell and convey to the §g’,Q}f’"‘ °* °°¤*°*°¤’· American Missionary Association, incorporated under the laws of the State of New York, so much of the land allotted and patented by the United States to him, the said Redwing, as is used for a cemetery lot, not exceeding fifteen acres, situated in the tract described as follows, to wit: \Vest half of southeast quarter of southwest quarter section thirteen, township tmrty-three north, range live west, the same to be _ held, occupied and used for cemetery purposes only. 33,}}**** I¤•*¤¤•· That the act of Congress approved August seventh, eighteen hunvsi.22.p.a4z. dred and eighty-two, entitled *•An act to provide for the sale of a part of the reservation of the Omaha tribe of Indians in the State of Nebraska, and for other purposes," be, and the same is hereby, amended Anismims. so as to authorize the Secretary of the Interior, with the consent of the Indians of that tribe, to allot in severalty, through an allotting agent wl:;?;; *;;_¤;¤¤d:_¤£ of the Intemor Department, to each Indian woman and child of said snsussms mas. tribe born since allottments of land were made in severalty to the