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FIFTY-SECON D CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 210. 1893. 667 cents; to Gustave Hahn, two hundred and five dollars and eighty-tive cents; to William W. Gilbert, one hundred and forty-eight dollars and eighty cents; to Samuel M. Tinsley, one hundred and sixty dollars and ninety-five cents; to William W. White, ninety-four dollars and twenty-six cents; to John N. Snowdon, surviving partner of the firm of Snowdon and Mason, one hundred and eighteen thousand three hundred and twenty-seven dollars and twenty-six cents; to Alfred T. Dillard, one hundred and eighteen dollars and fiity cents; to John M. Parry, sixty-seven dollars and seventy cents; to John C. Quiggle, four hundred and eighteen dollars; to Williain W. Gilbert, five hundred and eighty-six dollars and thirty-five cents; to Brewster Cameron, one thousand and two dollars and eighty cents; to Edward H Owen, one thousand one hundred and thirty dollars and sixty cents; to Eugene W Hoge, eight hundred and sixty-two dollars and thirty cents; to Joseph C. Finnell, three hundred and ninety-three dollars and eighty cents; to Daniel N. Cooper, one thousand nine hundred and fifty-six dollars and ninety cents; to Charles A. Powell, one hundred and fifty-three dollars _ and eighty cents; to George C. Rives, three hundred and twenty-five dollars and fifteen cents; to Frank M. Hunter, seven hundred and ninety-one dollars and sixty-five cents ; to Benjamin C. Tunison, seventy- eight dollars and forty cents; to Ernst F. Cochran, three hundred and thirty-eight dollars and thirty-fivecents; to Samuel G. Hilborn, tive hundred and ninety-four dollars and sixty cents; to Madison J Julian, four hundred and twenty-eight dollars and five cents; to Henry O. Ewing, one hundred and sixty-one dollars and fifteen cents; to John T. Green, one thousand five hundred and forty-eight dollars and ninety- five cents; to William L. Goodwin, three hundred and fifty-three dollars; to the Pacino Mail Steamship Company, sixty-eight thousand nine hundred and seventy-nine dollars and forty-two cents; in all, three hundred and thirty-four thousand one hundred and sixty-five dollars and nin ety-six cents: Provided, That none of the judgments herein provided Pyaqiso, for shall be paid until the right of appeal shall have expired. ]‘"“’"°‘°"‘ Fox up Wisconsin Brvmz Imrnovmmnr: For payment of the .F<>¤ wd Wisconsin judgments and awards rendered against the United States for ilowage miiggqixggledwigt damages caused by the improvement of the Fox and Wisconsin rivers, ‘*“{*,'g8;g- 506 in the State of Y/Visconsin, under the act approved March third, eight-'p` ' een hundred and seventy-tive, as reported to Congress by the Attorney- General, and fully set forth in Senate Executive Document Numbered Ninety, second session of the Fifty-second Congress, including commissioners’ accounts as therein set forth, thirty thousand nine hundred and ei ghty-tive dollars and fifty cents. The appropriation of one hundred and nine thousand and twenty-two mg} Grimth J¤•1s~ dollars and thirty-three cents made by the act of July twenty-eighth, ` eighteen hundred and ninety-two, for payment of the judgments and AM 1>·¤*09— awards rendered against the United States for tlowage damages caused by the improvement of the Fox and Wiscoiisiii rivers, in the State of VVisconsin, is hereby made applicable to the payment of the judgment up·‘;£gj;{f"**°“ “"“‘° of G. C. Griiiith in the sum of one thousand one hundred and seventy- nine dollars, the same having been inadvertently omitted in the report of the Attorney-General of such judgments, but included in the total sum appropriated. Sec. 2. That for the payment of the following claims certified to be ucQ,f;f;§¤§°;${§g§s "Y due by the several accounting officers of the Treasury Department ` under appropriations the balances of which have been exhausted or carried to the surplus fund under the provisions of section five of the act of June twentieth, eighteen hundred and seventyfour, and under Vol.18,p. no. appropriations heretofore treated as permanent, being for the service of the fiscal year eighteen hundred and ninety, and prior years, unless otherwise stated, and which have been certified to Congress under Section two of the act of July seventh, eighteen hundred and eighty- Vol. 23, past tour, as fully set forth in House Executive Document Numbered One hundred and ninety-one, Fifty-second Congress, second session, there is appropriated as follows: `