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668 FIFTY-SECON D CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 210. 1893. mvlzigs agvvaeg by AUDITED CLAIMS ALLOWED BY THE FIRST COMPTROLLER. TB 0lI'l[\ X'0 0 . State Department. STATE DEPARTMENT. For Foreign Intercourse, as follows: _ ¤·>¤*?¤s¤¤¤ <¤r·¤¤· For contingent expenses, foreign missions, forty-four dollars and SGC, IIIIBSIOIIB. t ts' I · · · Loss ny excnmgs, For loss by exchange, diplomatic service, sixty dollars and seventy- diplomatm service. cents. 1zsus:,ea.,»sam»¤. For relief and protection of American seamen, six hundred and forty-seven dollars and seventeen cents. Trieasury Depart- TREASURY DEPARTIEENT. III6D {,¤*,g¤‘·jr§E¤;a,•;gi;b Internal Revenue: For salaries and expenses of collectors of internal ° °°revenue, six dollars and ninety cents. refunding mes- For refunding taxes illegally collected, seven thousand five hundred and one dollars and twenty-five cents. D¤¤Wl>=*¤k ·>¤ ¤*i¤¤· For drawback on stills exported, act March first, eighteen hundred V°"°·"·3‘2· and seventy-nine, sixty dollars. ¤¤¢~i¤¤¤¤ Museum- Under Smithsonian Institution: For preservation of collections, · National Museum, one dollar and thirty seven cents. ctnzmgsutsxpeusss. Miscellaneous: For contingent expenses, Treasury Department: ireight, telegrams, and so forth, thirteen dollars and thirty-five cents. Pvbiic l>¤i1•1i¤z¤- For furniture, and repairs of same, for public buildings, twenty-four Furniture, etc. dollars. Fw- ew- For fuel, lights, and water for public buildings, twenty-seven dollars and seventy cents. Hwinz ¤1>1>¤¤t¤¤- For heating apparatus for public buildings, three dollars and twenty- four cents. iupn-•.m. For repairs and preservation of public buildings, one hundred and seventy dollars and eighteen cents. Lynchburg, vs For court house, post office, &c. Lynchburg, Virginia, two dollars. gw °'““" For suppressing counterfeiting and other crimes, sixty-five cents. mgnttcrior Depart- INTERIOR DEPARTMENT. ¤•·¤¢·i¤z¤¤¢¤¤v¤¤¤¤¤- For contingent expenses, Department of the Interior, fifty dollars. runtime., Public Land Service: For surveying the public lands, two thousand S¤"°Y*¤8· four hundred and ninety-five dollars and sixteen cents. nefly W,?gm For five per cent. fund of the net proceeds of sales of public lands in States, seventy-nine thousand five hundred and seven dollars and twenty-seven cents. rum, pmmrunu, For three per cent. fund of the net proceeds of sales of public lands “"‘ *’"’°°°°"°°°‘ in States, one hundred and twelve dollars and eleven cents. Two pegdceut fund, For two per cent. fund of the net proceeds of sales of public lands “" "'°°" "°'°‘ in States, seventy-tour dollars and seventy-four cents. _Depsrtmeut of Ag- DEPARTLIENT OF AGRICULTURE. !'l('D. {IIE. mQ:}f£;f,c:S*’i°¤*· For collecting agricultural statistics, five dollars. t_I)ep:u•tment of Jus- ICE. pmrm moneys. For special compensation of district attorneys, United States courts, ,,§,§°""“ "°""°"”“‘ fifty one dollars and seventy-five cent . m;r:q:¤1¤¤¤i¤*¤¤¤ ¤¢— For pay of special assistant attorneys, United States courts, seven °hundred dollars. cms., For fees of clerks United States courts, twenty-nine dollars and thirty cents.