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FIFTYSECOND CONGRESS. Sess. Il. Ch. 211. 1893. 699 two firemen; one skilled mechanic, one thousand dollars; twelve assistant messengers; three watchmen; one superintendent of building (Army Medical Museum and Library), two hundred and fifty dollars; and live laborers; one chemist, two thousand and eighty-eight dollars: one principal assistant librarian, two thousand and eighty- eight dollars; one pathologist, one thousand eight hundred dollars; one microscopist, one thousand eight hundred dollars; one assistant librarian, one thousand eight hundred dollars; in all, one hundred and eightysix thousand eight hundred and sixty-six dollars. IN rim U1u··Ic1a: or run Pkrmsrnn-GENERAL: Chief clerk, at two n_,?=·g·¤¤¤¤¤r-G¤¤¤r- thousand dollars; six clerks of class four; live clerks of class three; °° °°' nine clerks of class two; two clerks of class one; one assistant messenger; four laborers; in all, thirty-nine thousand one hundred and sixty dollars. In rm: OFFICE or- run CHIEF or Onnnmcn: Chief clerk, at two 0¤1¤¤¤¤¤¤¤i•=¤- thousand dollars; three clerks of class four; two clerks of class three; two clerks of class two; twenty-two clerks of class one; two clerks, at one thousand dollars each; two messengers; one assistant messenger; one laborer; in all, forty-four thousand eight hundred and sixty dollars. In rms: Ommm or run Cams or Enemnnnsz Chief clerk, at two ¤¤si¤¤¤r ¤¤‘i¤¤· thousand dollars; four clerks of class four; two clerks of class three; three clerks of class two; three clerks of class one; one clerk, at one . thousand dollars; one assistant messenger; and two laborers; in all, twenty-three thousand two hundred and forty dollars. And the services of skilled drattsmen, civil engineers, and such other Dmfrsmen. cw. services as the Secretary of War may deem necessary, may be employed only in the office of the Chief of Engineers to carry into effect the various appropriations for rivers and harbors, fortifications, and surveys to be paid dom such appropriations: Provided, That the ex- P~¤*•¤ pcnditures on this account for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, 1.1...1:. eighteen hundred and ninety-four, shall not exceed sixty thousand dollars; and that the Secretary of War shall each year, in the annual estimates, report to Congress the number of persons so employed and upon the amount paid to each. OFMOE OF PUBLICATION OF Rmconns OF mm REBELLIONZ For Milmvvrk ¤f ¢1¤¤ rvone agent, two thousand dollars; four clerks of class four; three clerks "' of class three; two clerks of class two; three clerks of class one; three copyists; two pressmen and compositors, at one thousand two hundred dollars each; one compositor, one thousand dollars; two copyholders, at nine hundred dollars each; two assistant messengers; two watchmen; and one laborer, at six hundred dollars; in all, thirty-one thousand seven hundred and eighty dollars. For postage stamps for the War Department and its bureaus as re- 1·...u.g(» .»...p.. quired under the Postal Union, to prepay postage on matters addressed to Postal Union countries, six lumdred dollars. For contingent expenses of the War Department and its bureaus; C°¤¤¤S•*¤°¤¤P¤¤¤¤¤- expenses of horses and wagons to be used only for oilieial purposes; purchase of professional and scientific books, blank books, pamphlets, newspapers, maps; furniture, and repairs to same; carpets, matting, oilcloth, tile cases, towels, ice, brooms, soap, sponges, fuel, gas, and heating apparatus for and repairs to the buildings (outside of the State, War, and Navy Department Building) occupied by the Adjutant-Gem eral’s Office, the Surgemi-General’s Office, the Signal Office, office of Records of the Rebellion, and record and pension office of the Wzir Department; freight and express charges, and other absolutely necessary expenses, fittyhve thousand dollars. F 01‘ Sfatiollcry for the War Department and its bureaus and offices, $¤¤¤*<>¤¤=‘¥· thirty-five thousand dollars. For rent of buildings for use of the War Department asfollows: nent. For medical dispensary, Surgeon~General’s Office, one thousand dollars; for the Rebellion Record Office, one thousand two hundred dollars; tbr record and pension oniee, two thousand four hu.; lred dollars;