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722 FIFTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. Il. Ch. 212. 1893. 1·¤¤::¤¤ !¤1¤¤d· NAVY-YARD, LEAGUE ISLAND, PENNSYLVANIA: For continuation of sea wall, twenty thousand dollars; one pair shear legs, eighteen thousand dollars; toward the construction of east dry dock pier, as estimated for by the Bureau of Yards and Docks, forty thousand dollars; the total cost for the completion of the said pier not to exceed the sum of eighty thousand dollars; in all, seventy-eight thousand dollars. W¤·'¤¤¤°¤· NAVY-YARD, WASHINGTON, Disrnicr or COLUMBIA: For new timber shed for ordnance purposes, seven thousand five hundred dollars; for conversion of mold—loft building into a forge shop, eight thousand dollars; for reconstruction of forge shop with foundations for crane colums,ten thousand dollars; for one wrecking car with fifteen-ton crane attachment, two thousand five hundred dollars; for installation of electric lights in breech-mechanism shop, two thousand five hundred dollars; in all, thirty thousand five hundred dollars. Nmcik. N AvY-YARD, NORFOLK, VIRGINIA: For extension of quay wall niteen thousand dollars; for extention of water system, eight thousand dollars; in all, twenty-three thousand dollars. p Pm Rom NAVAL STATION, Pour ROYAL, Sonrn CARoL1NA: For sewerage eight hundred and forty-six dollars; for officers’ quarters, seven thousand dollars; for boathouse, one thousand dollars; for barn, seven hundred and fifty dollars; and for completing officers quarters, heretofore authorized, two thousand ive hundred dollars; in all, twelve thousand and ninety-six dollars. L_D¤wd¤¤k¤¤A1ei¢r¤» DRY Docx, ALGIERS, LOUISIANA: Toward the establishment of a ' dry dock on the Government reservation, near Algiers, Louisiana; for plans and specifications, and for the acquisition of such additional land as may be necessary in the discretion of the Secretary of the Navy, in accordance with the recommendations of two Commissions appointed V<>1-25»r-44¤- by the President under the provisions of an act approved September v°’·2°·P·*°“· seventh, eighteen hundred and eighty-eight, and the act approved June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and ninety, respectively, twenty-five thousand dollars. ¤¤¤>1¤1¤¤<1- NAVY-YARD, MARE ISLAND, CALmoRNIA: For dredging, twenty thousand dollars; for dry-air closet, four thousand dollars; for new carriage house and dirt stables, for yards and docks stables, three thousand dollars; for changes in steam—engineering buildings, four thousand _ seven hundred and ninety-seven dollars; for shed for bending slabs, rolls, and furnaces, six thousand three hundred and eighty-one dollars; for engine house for engine for construction and repair, three thousand tour hundred and seventy dollars; in all, forty-one thousand six hundred and forty-eight dollars. my .;.,0; M pmt DRY Docx, Puenr SOUND, WAsmNGroN: To continue the construc- S°3g;*·2§";¤g;‘ tion of the dry dock at Puget Sound, authorized by the act approved March ' ’` second, eighteen hundred and ninety-one, including approaches to dry dock, rent of quarters for civil engineer and inspector, pay of superintendents, inspectors, and draitsmen, necessary dredging, and incidental expenses, two hundred and twenty five thousand dollars. Repairs. REPAIRS AND PRESERVATXON AT NAVY·YARDS AND STATIONS: For repairs and preservation at navy·yards and stations, two hundred and seventy-tive thousand dollars. Naval Academy. NAVAL ACADEMY. naming; no Buildings and grounds: For one new boiler house and Httin gs, to be g’°“‘“’“· immediately available, twenty-six thousand dollars; for the erection of two double houses for officers’ quarters, thirty thousand dollars; in all, fifty-six thousand dollars. Naval Observatory. NEW NAVAL OBSERVATORY. emma and mas. For grounds and roads: For continuing grading, extending roads and paths, clearing grounds of New Naval Observatory, and iilling