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FIFTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 214. 1893. 74] States under provisions of an act approved July second, eighteen hun- V°U$·P·5°3· dred and sixty-two, and of the acts supplementary thereto/’ and to enforce the execution thereof, seven hundred and forty-five thousand dollars, twenty-five thousand dollars of which sum shall be payable upon the order of the Secretary of Agriculture to enable him to carry out the provisions of section three of said act of March second, V0l·24yP·441· eighteen hundred and eighty-seven; and the Secretary of Agriculture Index of agriculis hereby authorized to employ such assistants, clerks, and other persons mm h°°"t“"` as he may deem necessary, and to incur such other expenses in traveling, stationery, and office fixtures, as he may iind essential in carrying out the objects of the above acts and the sums apportioned to the¤several _ _ States shall be paid quarterly in advance. And the Secretary of Agri- D’“*"“’“°‘°"· culture is hereby authorized to furnish to suchin titutions or individuals as may care to buy it copies of the card index of agricultnual literature prepared by the Office of Experiment Stations, and charge for the same a price covering the additional expense involved in the preparation of these copies, and he is hereby authorized to apply the moneys received toward the expense of the preparation of the index. _ _ Exrnumniwrs in rim Mmniucernmn or Seem: To enable the Sec- g,{.”f,L,f’T$,§§’,;f‘ ‘“‘ rctary of Agriculture to continue experiments in the production of sugar from sugar cane, sugar beets and sorghum, and especially for culture experiments looking to the improvement. of those sources of sugar, and for experiments for the more complete separation of the sugar from the molasses, and including all necessary expenses in these experiments, namely, traveling expenses, purchase of samples, appa ratus, and supplies, chemical services, including five hundred dollars additional temporary compensation to the chief chemist, and other ex- cbQm‘f.*f°"" P'! *° pcnses incidental to the experiments, twenty thousand dollars, or so _ much thereof as may be necessary: Provided, That so much thereof as P'""°i;_ _ may be necessary may in the discretion of the Secretary of Agricul- I""' cmfmu ture be expended in investigating and preparing to carry on experi ments next year in sugar cane production on reclaimed swamp lands in some suitable place in the San Joaquin or Sacramento Valley, California, to be used by the Department free of charge: Provided further, 8*** That all products of the experiments may be sold and the proceeds thereof be used in the experimental work, and that a full and accurate account of the proceeds of such sales be transmitted to Congress. Inmexrrox lrzviasrrearronsz To enable the Secretary of Agricul- grriz··¤¤¤ inventiture to continue the collection of information as to the best modes of g' °"` agriculture by irrigation, six thousand dollars. wexrnnn BUREAU. “’···¤··~·**··*·•·~ Snxnms Ann Exrnnsns or rum Wnsrmm BUREAU: To enable p£g,}s¤*i¤-¤¤¤ ¤¤· the Secretary of Agriculture to carry out the provisions of tho act v¤1.&m,p.u:·a. of October first, eighteen hundred and ninety, transferring the Weather Bureau to the Department of Agriculture: Ono chief of Bureau, tour thousand five hundred dollars; one professor of meteorology, four thousand dollars; one assistant chief of bureau, three thousand dollars; two professors of meteorology, at three thousand dollars each, six thousand dollars; one executive officer, two thousand five hundred dollars; three professors of meteorology, at two thousand five hundred dollars each, seven thousand five hundred dollars; one chief clerk, two thousand two hundred and fifty dollars; three chiefs of divisions, two thousand dollars each, six thousand dollars; one superintendent of telegraph lines, two thousand dollars; _ four inspectors, at onc thousand eight hundred dollars each, seven thousand two hundred dollars; four clerks, class tour, seven thousand two hundred dollars; one property clerk and storekeeper, one thousand six hundred dollars; one bibliographer and librarian, one thousand six hundred dollars; five clerks, class three, eight thousand dollars; eleven clerks, class two, fifteen thousand four hundred dollars;