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RESOLUTIONS. _ [No. 10.] oint Resolution for the release of all claim of the United States to lot May 3, 1392, eighteen, section two, governor and judges’ plan, Detroit. ———-————-—-——— Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States ofzlmeriea in Congress assembled, That the United States hereby Lewis cm. _ releases any and all claim and interest which may remain in the United S,f,§‘,f§'°,’jf ff,€,'{‘§‘§°Q, States to lot numbered eighteen, section numbered two, of the gov- twin Mi¤1¤·.¤<=<1¤ir¤¤ ernor and judges’ plan of the city of Detroit, Michigan, which lot was W '°l°“”°d’ acquired by the late Governor Lewis Cass from the United States, but the record of which title has been lost: Provided, however, That this Prvviw _ release shall not affect any legal or equitable rights in said lot held or ,¤*§{,{°{°° "gm M claimed if any there be adversely to the said Lewis Cass, his heirs or assigns, or those claiming title under him and them. Approved, May 3, 1892. [No. 14.] Joint resolution to authorize the loan of certain ensigns, ilags and sig- June 7, 1392, nal numbers for the purpose of decorating the streets and buildings of \Va.sl1ington on ——·——·····— the occasion of the Grand Army encampment in September, eighteen hundred and niuety-two. Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the Secretary of War oing Army ortho and the Secretary of the Navy be, and they are hereby, authorized to R‘jf’gQ{}"Q,» nm atc_, loan to Louis D. Wine, chairman of the sub-committee in charge of fgw decorarihs. wm street decorations, or his successor in said office, for the purpose of "°““l'°"°“““"“"”t‘ decorating the streets of the city of Washington, District of Columbia, on the occasion of the encampment of the Grand Army of the Republic in the month of September, eighteen hundred and ninety-two, such of the United States ensigns, tlags (except battle ilags), signal numbers, and so forth, belonging to the Government of the United States, as in their judgment may be spared and are not in use by the Government at the time of the encampment. The loan of the said cnsigns, tlags, signal numbers and so torth, to said chairman shall not take place prior to the tenth day of September, and shall be returned by him by the thirtieth day of September, eighteen hundred and ninety-two. Sec. 2. That for the protection and return of said ensigns, tlags, sig- Benanmm return nal numbers, and so forth, the said Louis D. Wine, or his successor in office, shall execute and deliver to the President of the United States, or to such officer as he may designate, a satisfactory bond in the sum of fifty thousand dollars, to secure just payment for any loss or damage to said ensigns, tlags and signal numbers not necessarily incident to the use specified. Approved, June 7, 1892. (807)