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CON V ENTION-REPUBLIC OF COLOMBIA. MABOH 30, 1889. 859 Foxx N0. 3. Form N0. 3. mt of h Parcel bill. e scam the . . s {yn5mg ggaws Parcels from the United Stutca for Colmnbm. mwmnxgigthe P0st·OtBce. Post-Ollice. I l Parcel Bill N0. .. ; dated .. 18..; by S. S. " .. " i i "Sbcet N0. .. Q b Origin of parcel. Name of addressee. Address of parcel. Remarks. `E

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  • Tota1 number of parcels sent by the mail to *T0tal weight of mail . . ...

Colombia . ...

  • N¤.mber of boxes or other receptacles forming *Deduct weight of receptacles .

the mail ... . . -1-- Signature of dispatching cheer at the United *Net weight of parcels States Post-Oillcez ... Signature of receiving oioer at the Colombian Post·Oi1ics.