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FIFTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 140. 1892. 63 Colville Reservation, namely: Beginning at a point on the eastern Lands set apart for boundary line of the Colville Indian Reservation where the township C°1““°*’· line between townships thirty-four and thirty-five north,of range thirty- seven east, of the Willamette meridian, if extended west, would intersect the same, said point being in the middle of the channel of the Columbia River, and running thence west parallel with the forty-ninth parallel of latitude to the western boundary line of the said Colville Indian Reservation in the Okanagon River, thence north following the said western boundary line to the said forty-ninth parallel of latitude, thence east along the said fortyninth parallel of latitude to the northeast corner of the said Colville Indian Reservation, thence south fol lowing the eastern boundary of said reservation to the place of begin ning, containing by estimation one million five hundred thousand acres, the same being a portion of the Colville Indian Reservation created by executive order dated July second, eighteen hundred and seventy-two, be, and is hereby, vacated and restored to the public domain, notwithstanding any executive order or other proceeding whereby the same was set apart as a reservation for any Indians or bands of Indians, and the same shall be open to settlement and entry by the proclamation of Proclamation to isthe President of the United States and shall be disposed of under the ““"‘ general laws applicable to the disposition of public lands in the State of Washington. Sec. 2. That the net proceeds arising from the sale and disposition Disposition or pw of the lands to be so opened to entry and settlement shall be set apart °°°°“‘ in the Treasury of the United States for the time being, but subject to such future appropriation for public use as Congress may make, and that until so otherwise appropriated may be subject to expenditure by the Secretary of the Interior from time to time, in such amounts as he shall deem best, in the building of schoolhouses, the maintenance of schools for such Indians, for the payment of such part of the local taxation as may be properly applied to the lands alloted to such Indians, as he shall think fit, so long as such alloted lands shall be held in trust and exempt from taxation, and in such other ways as he may deem proper for the promotion of education, civilization, and self- support among said Indians. Sec. 3. That each entryman under the homestead laws shall, within somomom mam five years from the date of his original entry and before receiving a *‘°'"°“‘°“‘* 1“‘"· final certificate for the land covered by his entry, pay to the United States for the land so taken by him, in addition to fees provided by law, the sum of one dollar and fifty cents per acre, one third of which shall be paid within two years after the date of the original entry; but the rights of honorably discharged Union soldiers and sailors, as de- mRizM¤ <·fU¤i<>¤ wiiined and described in sections twenty-three hundred and four and ${”gf£c,_23m_m5_ twenty-three hundred and five ol the Revised Statutes of the United P-*2* States, shall not be abridged, except as to the sum to be paid as aforesaid. Sec. 4. That each and every Indian now residing upon the portion Aiiotmoms in sovof the Colville Indian Reservation hereby vacated and restored to the °”“J°y t° I"d""'”' public domain, and who is so entitled to reside thereon, shall be entitled to select from said vacated portion eighty acres of land, which shall be allotted to each Indian in severalty. No restrictions as to locality shall be placed upon such selections other than that they shall be so located as to conform to the Congressional s1u·vey or subdivisions of said tract or country, and any Indian having improvements may have the preference over any other person in and to the tract of land containing such improvements, so far as they are within a legal subdivision not exceeding in area the quantity of land that he or she may be entitled to select and locate. All such allotments shall be made at the cost of the United States, under such rules and regulations as the Secretary of the Interior may from time to time prescribe. Such selections shall be made within $€1¢¤¤°¤¤- six months after the date of the Presidents proclamation opening the