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930 TREATY—STATE OF THE CONGO. JANUARY 24, 1891. conventions existing between the existant entre les deux Gouvernetwo Governments, and for the pur- ments, et dans le but de proteger pose of protecting the rights and les droits et interets des citoyens interests of the citizens andinhabit- et habitants de leur pays. lls auants of their country. They shall rout aussi le droit de regler tous have also the right to settle all les diflerends surgissant entre les differences arising between the capitaines ou les officiers du bord _ captains or the officers and the et les matelots des navires de mer sailors of the sea-vessels of their de leur nation. Les autorites nation. The localauthorities shall locales s’abstiendront d’intervenir abstain from interfering in these dans ces cas, a moins que le maincases unless the maintenance of the tien de la tranquillite publique ne public tranquility requires it, or, l’exige, ou at moins que leur ass1s— unless their assistance should be tance ne soit demandee par Pantoasked by the consular authority in rite consulaire pour assurer1’exé- order to assure the execution of its cution de ses decisions. decisions. ° new-en; shim. The local authorities will give to Les autorites locales donneront the said agents and, on their de- aux dits agents et, a leur defaut, fault to the captains or their casual aux capitaines ou at leurs mandarepresentatives, all aid for the taires eventuels, toute aide pour la search and arrest of sai1or-desert- recherche et Parrestation des maers, who shall be kept and guarded rins deserteurs, qui seront detenus in the prisons of the State upon et gardés dans les prisonsde l’Etat, the requisition and at the expense a la requisition et aux frais des of the consuls or of the captains consuls ou des capitaines pendant during a maximum delay of two un délai maximum de deux mois. months. Ancrrcnm VI. Anricnn VI. - _x•»·spu»¤ on mw The citizens and inhabitants of Les citoyens et habitants de cha- “"'"°°" each of the High contracting Par- cune des Hautes Parties contracties shall have reciprocally, accord- tantes auront réciproquement, aux ing to the same rights and condi- memes titre et conditions et avec tions and with the same privileges les memes privileges que ceux de asthose of the most favored nation, Ia nation la plus iavorisee, la fa the right to enter with their vessels culte d’entrer avec leurs navires et and mrgos into all the ports and chargements dans tous les ports to navigate upon all the l'lVBI‘S and et de naviguer surtoutesles rivieres interior waters of the other State. gt les eaux interieures de l’autre itat. ¤¤¤s••· The vessels of each of the con- Les navires de chacune des Partraeting l’arties and of its citizens ties contractantes ou de scs oior inhabitants can freely navigate toyens ou habitants pourront naviupon the waters of the territory of guer librement sur les eanx depenthe other, without being subject to dant du territoire de l’autre, sans any other tolls, charges or obliga- etre soumis a d’autres peages, tions than those which the vessels charges 011 obligations que ceux belonging to the citizens or inhab- q u’auraient a supporter les navires itants of the most favored nation appartenant aux citoyens ou habiwould have to bear. tants de la nation la plus favorisee. ·r¤n¤»;•,m.,•¤m. There will not be imposed by Il ne sera impose par aucune des either of the contracting Parties Parties contractantes aux navires upon the vessels belonging to the appartenant a Pantre ou aux ciother or to the citizens or inhabit- toyens ou habitants de l’autre, en ants of the other, in the matter matiere de tonnage, de droits de of tonnage, port charges, pilotage, port, de pilotage, de droits de phare lighthouse and quarantine dues, et de quarantaine, de sauvetagerle salvage of vessels and other admin- navires ou d’autres depenses adistrative expenses whatsoever con- ministratives quelconques concereerning navigation, any taxes or nant la navigation, de taxes ni charges whatever, other or higher charges quelconques, autres ou