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1604 FIFTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. H. CHS. 503-506. 1903. one thousand three hundred and lift dollars, the same being the net value of certain snuff stamps forwarded by said Rutan to the Commissioner of Internal Revenue for exchange under the provisions of an V<>1·=¤>.p.451. Act of Congress approved June thirteenth, eighteen hundred and ninety-eight, which stamps were lost in transit, or otherwise, and never accounted for. Approved, February 6, 1903. February 6, 1903. CHAP. 504.-An Act For the relief of Frank J. Burrows. mjwm’ NM42`] Be { thenacted by the Senate and House ofRey2resentatives oft/ae United 5;:35 il£\Bp0*¤:•t;Y*éc_ States 0 f America in Congress assembled, That the Postmaster-General emma. be, and he is hereby, authorized and directed to cause the account of Frank J. Burrows, late postmaster at Williamsport State of Pennsylvania, to be credited with the sum of four thousand and twenty-two dollars, and that he cause said credit to be certified to the Auditor of the Treasury for the Post-Oliice Department, being on account of loss of three thousand five hundred dollars in stage stamps and five hundred and twenty-two dollars in postal thirds by robber of said · post-ofiice on the thirtieth day of August, eighteen hundred and _ eighty-four, it appearing that said loss was without fault or negli- P¤Y¤*¤*¤>· genes on the part of said late plpstmaster. And the said sum of four thousand and twenty-two dol rs is hereby appropriated, out of- any moneys in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, to pay said claim. Approved, February 6, 1903. ' F¢b1’¤¤¤‘ 6. 19U- CHAP. 505.-An Act For the relief of G. H. Sowder. [Pm7m' ho' mi] Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Re resentatives of the United §,,l?g,§{,’§'}’,f’édm,¤_ States of America in Congress assembled, Tgat the Secretary of the umwrcf- _ Treasur be, and he is hereb , authorized and directed to pay out of the 'llreasury of the Unitedy States, of any money not otherwise appropriated, to G. H. Sowder, of Pineville Bell County, Kentucky, administrator of the estate of B. H. Sowder, deceased, failing mail contractor, the sum of five hundred and sixty-seven dollars and seventy-seven cents, the amount due to the estate of B. H. Sowder, as shown by the records of the Auditor’S Omce for the Post-Oiiice Department. Approved, February 6, 1903. F¢bf¤¤¤*Y 6. 1% CHAP. 506.-·An Act For the relief of H. Glafcke. lgxrméim M] Whereas H. Glafcke, a de ut collector of internal revenue for the district of Colorado during the fiscal year nineteen hundred, failed to xive balance due him on account of traveling expenses for that year; Whereas, while said claim is justly due and owing said H. Glafcke, it is now barred by the statute of limitations: Therefore, Be it enacted by the Senate and House of R ivee aft/ae United m?; States of America in Oong-ress assembled, t the Secretary of the ` Treasu be, md he is hereby, authorized-to pay, out of any money in the 'llryessury not otherwise appropriated, to . Glafeke the sum of