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F IFTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Cris. 550, 551, 556, 557. 1903. I 61 l CHAP. 550.~—An Act For the relief of the legal representative of Major William F€bl’¤¤l'Y 12 1903· Kendall' [Private, No. 464.] _ Be it enacted by the Senate and House cf'}? esentatives of the United States of America in Ocngress assembled, Tm the accounting officers glglsmfggdql- I of the reasury be, and they are hereby, authorized and directed to ¤ep:¤;¤£uve%s.m settle the account of William Kendall, deceased, as a sutler at Fort Columbus, New York Harbor, for articles furnished by him to soldiers there recruited or stationed during the period from the first day of January, eighteen hundred and sixty-seven, to the thirty—iirst day of Decem er, eighteen hundred and sixty-eight, inclusive. Sec. 2. That in all cases where the several amounts claimed were °'“*‘“* regularly entered on the original muster of descriptive rolls which accompanied the detachments from said fort, and where thus charged against the respective soldiers but were not transferred to the com ny rolls nor retained out of the soldier’s pay and allowed to said William Kendall, deceased, the said amounts, not to exceed, exclusive of interest, two thousand dollars, shall be allowed and paid to the legal umm representative of said William Kendall, deceased, out of any moneys in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated. Approved, February 12, 1903. CHAP. 551.-—A11 Act For the relief of William E. Anderson. yumm-y 12,190;; Be it enacted by the Senate and House efR?n·esentat¢}ves of the United [m"”‘°°' N°‘ 46* States of.Z4merica in Congress assembled, That the Secretary of War William E. Anderbe, and he hereby is, authorized and directed to so amend the military °°S},,..m y,.,.,,,,,,;,!, record of William E. Anderson, Comgny H, Third United States ‘“°°“"¤*· Artillery, as to show him honorably disc mid to date June eighteenth, eighteen hundred and forty-seven: Provi , That no pay, bounty, or mm, other emoluments shall become due or payable by virtue of the passage N° P"· °“’· of this Act. Approved, February 12, 1903. CHAP. 556.-An Act For the relief of Edward S. Crill. Februar,. I6_ mm Be it enacted by the Senate and ]I0use offligresevztatiwzes oft/ee United [Pm""' °'°‘ M"] States of America in Congress assembled, at the Secretary of the glw•nlS.cr1l1. Treasury be, and he is hereby, authorized to pay to Edward S. Crill, *“"""°‘ of Florida, the sum of one hundred and seventy-five dollars, for rent of building for posboffice in Palatka, Florida, for the third and fourth quarters of the year eighteen hundred and eighty-six. Approved, February 16, 1903. CHAP. 557.-An Act For the relief of Lebbeus H. Rogers and the administrators February 16.1903. of William B. Moses, deceased. Be it enacted by the Senate and H'm1sl;3f'Represe1ztatii·es of the United States 0_f.1l77l€'I‘2?G in O0;li¥T€88 assemb , That Lebbeus H. Rogers and ,mI&°2g;*;¤ng·r;‘t%§';, the administrators of W' iam B. Moses, deceased, are hereby author- wggaam s. mais. ,_ ized, within thirty days after the passage of this Act, to pay into the bm,} {§°“l,,,§d ‘§g Treasury of the b nited States twe ve thousand dollars, being the prin- Hem W- ¤¤w¤¤¤¤- cipal sum named in the official bond of Henry W. Howgate upon which said William B. Moses, deceased, and said Rogers were sureties, and