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1612 r11·*1‘r-SEVENTH CONGRESS. sm. 11. cus. 557-559. 1903. such payment, to ether with court costs in the suits against them, shall be received in fug satisfaction and dischar e of all obligations whatsoever of said parties to the United States tiereunder, and in full satisfaction and discharge of all judgments entered against said Rogers or said administrators in favor of the United States upon the said bond, and the Secretary of the Treasury is authorized and directed, upon receiving such paayment, to satisfy said judgments, and each of them, m`{ff,y0,H°w,,,,, of reco : Prove ed, }e0we*vev·, That nothing herein contained shall be not niecwd- construed as affecting in any manner the liability of said Howgate or · his legal representatives to the United States on said bond or otherwise. Approved, February 16, 1903. F°b'“°'Y "·19°3· CHAP. 558.-An Act For the relief of the Florida Brewing Company. Prlva e No. 468. [ t I _] Be it enacted by the Senate and House of R?2resentate}vea of the United c_,‘,,§°"’“§_ B'"""? States ofzimemkza in Oongrecs assembled, That the Commissioner of Mlgfivi Internal Revenue be, and he is herebg, authorized and directed to reopen and reconsider the claim of the lorida Brewing Company, of Tampa, Florida, for the refunding of three hundred and twenty-six dollars and iiftfy-two cents, amount paid for stam purchased from the Collector o Internal Revenue at Jacksonville, Tdorida, and affixed to beer exported to Cuba during December, eighteen hundred and ninety-eight, and January and February, eighteen hundred and ninety- - nine; an if, upon reopening and reconsidering said claim, said Commissioner shall find said stamps, or any, part o the same, to have been allixed to packages of beer actually exported to Cuba, it is hereby made his duty to ascertain the amount dpand for stamps so aihxed and to allow the claim for such amount; an the Secretary of the Treasury is hereby authorized and required to pay, out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise a propriated, the said sum of three undred and twenty-six dollars and) fifty-two cents, or so much thereof as may be found by the Commissioner of Internal Revenue to have been paid for stamps ailixed to beer exported to Cuba. Approved, February 17, 1903. rem-mry 17. ma. CHAP. 559.-An Act To refer the claim of Joseph W. Parish to the Secretary of

 the Treasury for examination and payment of any balance found due.

_ Be it enacted by the Senate and II014ee;gfR@·esentatiz·ea oft/ne United ·l*{;**{,¤;1¤0‘l`·,{’)*{,*jhéx_ States of America in (jbngress asvembl , T t the Secretary of the mined ui sammy Treasury is hereby authorized and directed to make full and complete "'""’ T'"""" examination into the claim of Jose h W. Parish against the United States for balance alle d to be due him by virtue o a contract made by J. W. Parish and Udmpany with Henry Johnson, a medical storekeeper, acting on behalf of the United States, which contract bears date March ti th, eighteen hundred and sixty-three, and lprovides that said J. W. Parish and Com ny should furnish to the nited States for the use of the Medical lgpartment of the Army the whole amount of ice required to be consumed at Memphis and Nashville, Tennessee; Saint Louis, Missouri, and Cairo, Illinois, during the remainder of the said year eighteen hundred and sixty-three; `that the' Secretary shall ‘ determine and ascertain the full amount which should have been paid said J. W. Parish and Company if the said contract had been carried out in full, without change or default made by either of the rties thereto, under the rule o the measure of damages laid downmr the Supreme Court of the United States in the case of the United States