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CONVENTION—MAR1TI1\{E WARFARE. JULY 29, 1899. 1837 Pour le Portugal: ‘ For Portugal: (L. s.) Comm DE Macnno. (Signed) (L. s.) Aoosrmuo D7ORNELLAS (L. s.) Comm DE Mnonoo. DE VASCONCELLOS. (L. s.) Aeosrnmo D,ORNELLAS (L. s.) Comm DE Snmn. im VASCONCELLOS. (L. s.) Comm mz SELIR. Pour la Roumanie: For Rournania: (L. s.) A. BELDIMAN. Signed) (L. s.) J. N. Pnmm. L. s.) A. BELDIMAN. (L. s.) J. N. PAPINIU. Pour la Russie: For Russia: (L. s.) STAAL. (Signed) (L. s.) STAAL. (L. s.) Mairnms. (L. s.) Murrmus. (L. s.) A. BAsrLr. (L. s.) A. BASILY., Pour la Serbie: For Servia: (1.. s.) Cmcvo Mrrarovrron. (Signed) (L. s.) Cmnno Mrrsrovrron. Pour la Siam: “For Siam: _ (L. s.) Pura Srmrm Nuvun. (Si ned) (L. s.) Pun Sumra (L. s.) Vrsunmsm. Nuvarn. · (L. s.) Visrmmia. Pour les Royaumes Unis de Suede For the United Kingdoms of Sweet de Norvege: den and Norway: (L. s.) Brmrr. (Si ned) (L. s.) Bmpr. Pour la Suisse: For §witzerland: (L. s.) Born. (Si ned) (L. s.) Rom. Pour la Turquie: For 'Purkey: (L. s.) Tuniman. (Signed) (L. s.) Tummuz. (L. s.) Mimmmix Normr. (L. si) Mnnmmn Nomxr. (Sous reserve de Particle X.) ( nder reserve of Article X.) Pour la Bul rie: For Bulgaria: _ (L. s.) D. gaivcrorr. (Signed)"(L. s.) D. Smumciorr. (L. s.) Muon Hnssarrcurnrr. (L. s.) Muon Hnssarrouinrr. Certiiié pour copie conforme, Le Certified as a true co y, The Sec- Secrétaire Général du Départe— retary General of the Bepartment ment des Affaires Etrangeres, of Foreign Aifairs, L H Rurssmunas. L. H. Rurssumnns. ` LA Hum, le 31 janvier 1900. THE Hamm, January 31, 1.900. And whereas on an understanding reached by the Government of R°*“‘°¤°*°¤· the Netherlands with the si natory powers it was a reed to exclude from the ratifications of saidg Convention its Article )§; And whereas the said Convention, with its Article X excluded, was ratified by the Government of the United States, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate thereof, and by the Governments of the other Powers aforesaid, with the exception of those of China and Turkey; And whereas, in pursuance of the stipulations of Article XII of the said Convention the ratiiications of the said Convention were deposited at the Hague on the 4th. day of September, 1900, by the Plenipotentiaries of the Governments of the United States of America, Germany, Austria—Hungary, Belgium, Denmark, S in, France, Great Britain, Italy, the Netherlands, Persia, Portugal)? Roumania, Russia, Siam, Sweden and Norway and Bulgaria; on the 6th. day of October, 1900. by the Plenipotentiary of the Government of Ja an; on the 6th. day of October, 1900, by the Plenipotentiary of the Cibvernment of Monténégro; on the 29th. day of December, 1900, by the Plenipotentiary of the Government of Switzerland: on the ith. day of April, 1901, by the Plenipotentiary of the Government of Greece; on the 17th. day of