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MONEY-ORDER. c0NvENT10N-GANADA. 1889 [Model F-Face.] “ { Accountlofjhe E:rchange_ of Money Orders between the Dominion of Cbnada and the l mled States during the quarter ended ,..,,________ _ __ ___ 190 __ Orders issued in the Do in' f Canada `d l Ord issued in e nited e in the ¤..i& $.22;;. "‘“ | °" 1,0,.}.1*,0,*10, c..;‘.'s‘:*’*‘“‘““* I _


‘ I NbcfDateofAmtf NmheiDa umstlro lm- I gn: 0 Remarks_ nun-ro Hglof Amount of Remun- 5 j Dolls. 1 cts. I pd]; 6g_ To credit of United I To credit oi Cana· States Postal De- { diau Postal Department ... . . . partment ...,, , _ _ _ _,_,,, , . __,__,

[asvnnsn.] BALANCE. POST OFFICE DEPARTMENT, CANADA, Dolls. cu. Monv ORDER Bnnccu, . I e lwlm 0 ¤ 0 wa . .. Dlderence to credhioi W 190 I l IDG1h- Sm: I have the honor to enclose, in duplicate, · ___l the Account of the Exchange of Money Orders hm on Num by I between the Dominion of Canada and the United the Postal Depart- states, for the quarter ended m Paiclmonf account by \ showings balance due the Postal Department of ':§m_£‘f“] D'?"" of the sum or 8 "’ "_ I have the honor to be, slr, Dilerence ol pay-u le ln mregts on account to Y¤¤l' obedw t W R c t o name mmrmsg use me poem S••z>¢rfv•¢¤¤¤¤¤¢- Department ol

 t b hm account b The Sursnmrsxnan

ai n accoun on the Op,,?,,; me tporge Mont! Oman: Srrrxl. rnetoue nn menu mu- , Suas. ion of canada_ Hasmngvrm, D. Lt x'"""" f-__—-I "‘“__` l`““"“"“`_" ls. . Doll . ts.. EDM cm S Lx The above Statement of Account is accepted . { with as balance oft due the Postal Depart- ] ! I ment of the and one copyof Tom). ,1.°t·l_‘_€··—_ _ ____ ____ r the Account is herewith returned. r l y V

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