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PROCLAMATIONS. N0. 6. 1979 postal-card mailed to him at the address, if any, given by him at the time of registration. Each applicant should, however, in his own behalf employ such measures as will insure his obtaining prom t and accurate information of the order in which his applicatron for· homestead entry can be presented as fixed by the drawing. Ap lications for homestead entry of said lands during the first sixty days following the opening can be made only by registered a plicants and in the order estab ished by the drawing. At each lanld office, commencing p,}`°Q‘{}$;‘,‘{,*,}f;'b§,;_“V Tuesday, August 6, 1901, at 9 o’clock a. m., theapplications of those drawing numbers 1 to 125, inclusive, for that district must he presented and will be considered in their numerical order during the first day, and the applications of those drawing numbers 126 to 250, inclusive, must be presented and will be considered in their numerical order during the second day, and so on at that rate until all of said lands subject to entry under the homestead law, and desired thereunder,' have been entered. lf any applicant fails to appear and present his application for entry when the number assi ned to him by the drawing is reached, his right to enter will be passedg until after the other a plications assigned for that day have been disposed of, when he will be given another opportunity to make entry, failing in which he will be eemed to have abandoned his right to make entry under such drawing.. To obtain the allowance o a homestead entry each applicant must personally present the certificate of registration theretofore issued to him, together with a regular homestead application and the ‘ necessary accompanying proofs, and with the regular land office fees, but an honorably discharged soldier or sailor may file his declaratory statement through the agent representing him at the registration. The production of the certificate of registration will be with only upon satisfactory proof of its loss or destruction. I at the time of considerin his regular application for entry it appears that a15y applicant is disqualified from making homestea entry of these lan s his application will be rejected, notwithstanding his prior registration. If any applicant shall register more than once hereunder, or in any other than his true name, or shall transfer his registration certificate he will thereby lose all the benefits of the registration and drawing herein provided for, and will be precluded from entering or settling upon any of said lands during the first sixty days fo owing said _ opening. Because of the provision in the said act of Congress approved June ,m,§'°§{f°..§}§'j§,§{ 6, 1900: “'l`hat the settlers who located on that part o said lands ·=r§r_;i"m m called and known as the ‘neutral strip’ shall have preference right'p' ' for thir·t days on the lands upon which they have located and ` improvedT" the said lands in the “‘ neutral strip’ shall for the period of thirty days after said opening be subject to homestead entry and townsite entry only by those who have heretofore located upon and improved the same, and who are accorded a preference right of entry for thirty days as aforesaid. Persons entitled to make entry under this preference right will be permitted to do so at anytime during said period of thirty days followin the opening wit out previous registration, and without regard to the drawing herein provided for, and at the expiration of that period the lands in said ‘“neutral strip" for which no entry shall have been made will come under the general · provisions of this proclamation. _ _ _ The intended beneficiaries of the iprovision in the said acts of Con- $‘Qff’;§f‘yf,};§fd‘· gross, approved, respectively, Marc 2, 1895, and June 6, 1900, which V<>L$1.1»6¤¤. authorizes a qualified entryman having lands adjoining the ceded lands, whose original entry embraced less than 160 acres, to enter so much of the ceded lands as will make his homestead entry contain in the aggregate not exceeding 160 acres, may obtain such an extension