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1992 PROCLAMATIONS. N0. 15. V°’·”· P·u°°· of section twenty-four of the Act of Congress, approved March third, _ eighteen hundred and ninety-one, entitle , "An act to repeal timber— culture laws, and for other purposes", which provides, "That the President of the United States may, from time to time, set apart and reserve, in an State or Territory ving public lands bearinghforests, in any part ofy the public lands wholly or in part covered wit timber or undergrowth, whether of‘commercial value or not, as public reservations, and the President shall, by Subliqproclamation, declare the °“°ZZ{l?EL$1§§€€{L°}‘u‘r$?.Z$?$L‘$?3t?1"bytf§t]2'}Z?Z?Z>‘Z`§gmS°f ‘,rppm-td V°‘·”°·P·“· June fourth, eighteen hun red and ninety-seven, entitled, "An act making appropriations for sundry civil expenses of the Government fpghtéhe nscpl yepgeending June eightieeg hundriled apd niplety— , an or o rpu ses a e sr en is ere y au orilzed o? any timedto modify any Execiutive order that laas been lpr may erea ter be ma e esta ishing any orest reserve an by suc mouriication may reduce the area or change the bouindary lines of such resgryle, gr may yhacate aaltogpthsr anyhorctper creatingé sxch reserve;; n w ereas, e pu ic an sint e erritoryo rizona wi in the limits hereinafter described, are in part covered with timher, and it appears that the public good would be promoted by setting apart Fm., M and reserving, said lands as a public reservation; _ _ .°m_cm’${aY.3·d_ ‘ Now, therefore, I, Theodore Roosevelt, Presrdent of the United S}t)a?Lbyyrr{:]1;e‘e§yth<;kpo1;ve(rvyesm:li in me _ by tgz agoreiaid acts of nsso mennanproc oreur·pose of consolidating into one reserve the lands heretofore embraceld in the said San Francisco Mountains Forest Reserves and of includin therein _ 2 thehothar adgacentd lands within the description hereinafter given, there is ere y reserv and set apart as a public forest reservation ll the lands embraced within the following boundaries anda lying and being situate in the Territory o Arizona, to wit: nouncum. NBr:gin1p;ng at th5)np;r:l;-wésfa corsegplf 'léownshlip twenty-two (22) o , nge one s 1 an t iver eri ia Ariz ; thence southerly along the said meridian allowing for thenproperodlg set onftlrie F iftlh (5th) Standayd Pgréallgl North, to the south-west corner o owns ip nineteen 19) u , Range one (1) East· the ce easterly along the surveyed and unsurveyed township line to the lint for the nort -west corner of Township eighteen (18) North, Ighge four (4) East; thence southerly along the unsurveyed range line to its intersection with the Fourth (4th) Standard Parallel North; thence easterly along said Parallel to the point for the north-west corner of Towns ip sixteen (16) North, Range five (5) East; thence southerly to phehpornt forfthe lsouth-wlest corner of said township; thence easterly o e point or the nort —west corner of Township fteen 15 N rth Range six (6) East; thence southerly to the point for the (sodthevest corner of Section eighteen (18), said township; thence easterly along tl;eSn£tsiurveyedtsect181;))l1rr}_e to the iécgrnt frzr ghe north·west corner o A on mne een , owns ip teen 15 North Ra (7) East; thence southerly to the south-west corner of saidggecstfohi thence easterly along the unsurvrciyed section lines to the south-west cornirépgjgectrcixn nineteenb (15}), ownship fifteen (15) North, Range nine t; thence nort er y to the north-we t f 'd S - tron; thence easterly along the section line to th; sb(i11tIh€;a(st ddinercdzf Section thirteen (13), said townshi ; thence northerly to the northeast corner of Section twelve (12E said townshi ; thence easterly along the section lines to the sout -east corner of Section one (1), Township fifteen_(15) North, Rangeeleven (11) East; thence northerly a.lolr51the rangle line to 1tS intersection with the Fourth (lth) Standard Pa el Nort ; thence westerly alon said parallel to the south-east corner of Township seventeen (17) Forth, Range eleven (11) East;