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2894 PARCELS-POST coNvENT1oN-swEnEN. ge;;;§§§;§e;§jge}§,?§; Add‘°"”~ No parcel may contain parcels Intet paket mai innehséilla paket— intended for delivery at an address forsendelser med annan adressother than that borne by the par- betekning an den, som paketet cel itself. If such inclosed parcels sjalft bar. Upptiickas sa beskaifade be detected, they must be sent for- paket, inneslutna i ett _ annat, ward singly, charged with new and skola de befordras hvart och etttor distinct parcels—post rates. sig och beliiggas med nya, siirskilda paketporton. ARTICLE IV. ARTIKEL IV. aczesoivrnuee. The packages in question shall Ifragavarande paket skola i be sub]ect in the countr · of desti- adress andet vara underkastade nation to all customs duties and alla dar gallande tullafgifter och all customs regulations in force in tullbestammelser. F oljande portethat country for the protection of satser, hvilka altid skola i forvag its customs revenues, and to the till fulls erlaggas, are bestanda followin rates of postage, which att galla, namligen: shall in 5} cases be required to be . FULLY PREPAID, viz: In the United States; for a r- I. Sverige for ett ket, i vikt eel not exceeding one pound {{:55 icke ofverstigande 1 kiiogram, 80 s] in weight, 12 cents; and ore och for ofriga paket 1 krona ior each additional pound [455 40 ore; i · grams] or fraction of a pound, 12 cents; In Sweden; for a parcel not ex- I Forenta Staterna for ett paket ceeding 1 kilogram in weight, 80 ivikt icke ofverstigande 1 engelskt ore, and for other parcels, 1 krona skalpund (= 455 gram) 12 cents 40 Ore. ~ och for hvarje ytterligare skzilpund (= 455 gram) eller del diiraf V 12 cents. ‘ Aaricma V. Axrixrzn V. u¤¤¤¢¤r¤¤ <1¤¤¤~¤- The sender of each package must For hvarje paket skall afsiinda- °°' make a Customs [)ecIu7·ation, upon ren afgifva en tulldeklaration zi en a special form provided for the for dctta andamal afsedd sarskild "°"· °·““°· urpose [see Form 1, “A” annexed blankett (sc har hifogade forumhereto], giving the address, a Fen- lar 1, "A"), innehaldande iketets eral description of the puree , an adress, en allmiin heskriiiiing af accurate statement of the contents detsamma, noggrann uppgift it and value, date of mailing, and the innehallet och viirdct, dagen for sender’s signature and place of inlamnandet saint nfsandarens residence; which declaration must namnunderskrift och adress; denaccompany the parcel to destina· na deklaration skallatfolja paketet tion. till adressorten.

  • ’·°°°*P‘- Either country may authorize Hvartdera landet ager bemynthe postoffice where the package di indlamningspostanstalten att

is mailed to deliver to the sender vigaett pakets aliamnande tillhanof the package at the time of mail- dahalle afsandaren ett indliim- "°“**"?‘°°°‘ ing, a certificate of mailing on a ningsbevis ii blankett liknande form like Form 2 annexed hereto. bifogade formular 2. R“"“'“’°°°i*" The sender of a package may Afsiindaren af ett paket ma have the same registered by pay- kuuna mot erlaggande af den i ing the registration fee required indliimningslandet gallande refor registered articles in the coun- kommendationsafgift fa paketet try of origin,and,0n demand there- befordradt sasom registreradt; pa for, will receive a return receipt, begziran erhaller han ntan erlagwithout additional charge. gande af niigon tillagsafgift ett mottagningsbevis.