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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Cu, 390. 1912. 561 known and dedgnated as· the Panama Canal. The President is *“'•**¤**l•¤*‘°* esteemed, by treaty with are Republic of rename, to acquire an ‘;’a°"..;‘°;‘¢..°“.%.,$’.‘..‘?..t‘ additional land or land under water not already granted, or which was excepted from the grant, that he may deem necessary-for the pperatron, maintenance, sanitation, or rotection of the Panama anal, and to exchange any land or lang under water not deemed necessary for such purposes for other land or land under water which magnbe deemed necessary for such urposes, which additional land or d under water so acqmred become part of the Canal Zone. Sec. 2. That all laws, orders regulations, and ordinances adopted ,,,{‘{{'§°' *•,:_'· ’°¢· and promulgated in the Canal Zone by order of the President for the ¤r¤¤•¤-m' ° ° mm ¥vemment and sanitation of the Canal Zone ·and the construction of t_e Panama Canal are hereby ratified and confirmed as valid and bmdrng Congress shall otherwise provide. The existing courts 0¤¤’¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤d. estabhsheil m the Canal Zone by Executive order are recogmzed and _ confirmed to continue in gperation until the courts provided for in this Act shall be establish . Sec. 3. That the Preddent is authorized to declare by Executive ,,,'*$‘,L* gm*;““:¤·g order that all land and land under water within the limits of the Canal be mma. ° Zone is necessary for the construction, maintenance, operation, sanitation, or protection of the Panama Canal, and to extinguish, by agreement when advisable all claims and titles of adverse claimants ;¤*•P¤¤·*, ¤! •¤*¤¤¤ and occupants. l§pon failure to secure magreemeut title to any such·parcel of lan or land under water adverse claim or occugancy shall be disposed of and title thereto secured in the United tates and compensation therefor fixed and aid in the manner provided in the aforesaid treaty with the Republic of Panama, or such modification of such tree? as may hereafter be made. Sec. 4. That when in the jud$ient of the President the construe- ,,,.,,,",{,§,°",§.,,",,{’(,_;‘f_{j tion of the Panama Canal sh be ufhciently advanced toward ¤¤¤¤¤.¤¤= completion to render the further services of the Isthmian Canal Commission unnecemary the President is authorized by Executive Strider to discontinue the Isthmian Canal Commisnon, which, together c,,mpM,m_ cpm, th the present organization shall then cease to exist; and the gg; gg;. bv nv- President is authorized thereafter to complete, govern, and operate ‘ the Panama Canal and govern the Canal ne, or cause them to be coinpleted, governed, and operated, through a governor of the Panama Canal and such other persons as he may deem competent to discharge the various duties connected with the completion, care maintenance, sanitation, operation, government, and protection oi wm { A the canal and Canal Zone. If any of thenpiersons appointed or N", ,,§{,,‘§,, “"'°' em loyed as aforesaid shall be persons in the tary or naval service of iire United States,_the amount of the ofhcral salary paid to any such person shall be deducted from the amount of salary or comgensatron Awmmm,°,m_ provided by or which shall be iixed under the terms of this ct. _ The mo:. ovemor of the Panama Canal shall be appomted by the President, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, commissioned for a term of four years, and until his successor shall be apgornted and sum ualified. He shall receive a salary of ten thousand dollars a year. Wm ill other persons necessary for the completion, care management; °“"""‘ maintenance, sanitation, government, operation,_ and protection o the Panama Canal and Canal Zone shall be appointed y the Prem- R, dent, or by his authority, removable at his pleasure, and the com- ‘ `peniation of meh pairsons sing be fixed bybt F Presxdegigé pgobylulaas authority, un suc time as ngress may y aw regul _ S . but salaries or compensation fixed hereunder b£ the President shall “""‘· in no instance exceed bydrpiorehothau twenty; ve per ggg

alary or compensation ar or t same or similar servr

employed by the Govegnment in continental United States. That '°"""*°’°"*“" u n the completion of the Panama Canal the President shall cause tg`: same to be oihcially and formally opened for use and operation.