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984 SIXTY·THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 140. 1915. °m¤*'¤°° °*°*m¤ To He J. Kinzel, of Knox Count , $60. Ammtmm To McNamee, administrator yof the estate of John Krider, deceased, of Fa ette County, $221. To William Landrum, of Gibson County, $257. To Annis Lawrence, of Fayette County, $415. _ To Maria Lester, widow 0 Joe. Lester, deceased, of Giles County, $225. To Abner D. Lewis, of Faylette County, $5,080. _ To Elizabeth Lewis, of W `amson County, $220. _ To Benjamin F. Lillard, administrator 0 the estate of Benjamin Lillard, deceased, late of Rutherford County, $16,865. To A. J. Williford, administrator of estate of Charity M. Locke, ‘ deceased, late of Shelb County, $695. To R. D. Grizzle, a<hn1ms' trator of the estate of James G. Logan, deceased, late of Cannon County, $440. _ To C. R. McClarin, administrator of the estate of John MOCl8.1'1Il, deceased, late of Smith Coimty, $320. To B. F. McGrew, admimstrator of the estate of George W. McGrew deceased, late of Giles County, $7,315. To A. Simpson, administrator de bonis non of the estate of David V. Marney, deceased, of Roane County, $867. To O. S. Shannon, administrator of the estate of William M. Maiyiield, deceased, of Williamson 0011112%, $650. o James E. Meacham, of Hamilton unty, $750. To Patrick G. Meath of Shelby County, $27,280. To the city of Memaghis, $21,192.88. To Felicia Z. Metc , Louisa Z. Sansom, and estate of Mary D. Z. Gaither, deceased, of Davidson County, m equal shares, $9,300. To Mora B. Farxss, of James P. Moore, deceased, late of Maug County, $2,100. To John . Neely, administrator of the estate of Henry M. Neely, deceased, of Sumner County, $5,450. To Louis Nelson, administrator of the estate of Samuel B. Nelson, deceased, of Rutherford Conmty, $2,170. C0TotC. éélggssell, admmistratrix of B. B. Neville, late of Shelby un , . To K. Henry Alice A. Pogo, Jennie Alexander, and Nannie Newb¥_, heirs of Oswell P. Newby, eceased, late of Mem%his, $4,500. To rancis M. Newhouse, administrator of estate of . W. Newhouse, deceased, late of Gibson County, $575. f To Séloas lggnry, executor of John North, deceased, late of Jef- ¤rS<>¤ ua x» 9 .- . . . To J. Mmmck Williams, adm1n1strator of the estate of Charles N. Ordwag, deceased, of Giles County, $3,025. To exander M. Owen, of Tipton County, $440. To Mgy Parker, of Hamilton Conmty, $656. To H y Patton, of Maury Conmty, $200. To James T. Moore, administrator of estate of James L. Paul, deceased, late of Manny County, $975. To A. P. Younlg, administrator of the estate of John R. Pearson, deceased, late of ayette County, $2,579. To Igllengy Pepper gd Elizabeth H. Cleveland, of Bedford County, in u s ares, $1,8 . 'lld Mrs. Octavia R. Polk, of Hardeman Coimty, $2,919. To Thomas L. Porter, administrator of estate of Nimrod Porter, deceasleid, lite of Maiiilyuglounty, $3,§60. f To . or, a istratrix 0 estate 0 Washmgto` n P or, deceaseduflate ogxgarion $820. ry To William Raines, of Clai orne County, formerly a resident of Knox County, Kentucky, $155.