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82 SIXTYZTHIRD CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 4. 1913. d t , d th f ds hereb appropriated shall be paid out gii thecbidadiyoinmchechéailimm and secretary, and a full, 1tem1zed account oi suc}h accompany the Hnal report of

  • "'°°*"'“’°'“"“’°’· thflfdoenable iilIiewSe(i:·¢;su mini the Interior to employ a chartered and
 ¤°ii¤$°°£°iZ certified acconmtant forage purpose oftpre5ari?ii¤unde1;a-:%1]?s<tiirect10i:

’ , _ fsaidSecretary,acom eteseparate sc an_ anc1 o an Pm P M Statement of th; lpf eaph of the IKIGVG C1V1l1Z6d Tribes of Inldnans, $10 000, ereo as ma necessa1y_ . _ w·,§§{,f;g’,“,°';f,,‘{,",‘} 'Iihat agi. sigiieeiinent, made at th0yN&V8]0 Indian Agency, scgzmm Ute mam, i1L:)$e State of (golorado, ondtl:3 tenth dig cig Ill the YN; Oilollg ` teen en, wi e 1111111 an o South§i:°Ute Inldilans, bzlb `cv to the jurisdiction of the Navago Sp ° Indian Agenciz) be,n§the same is hereby, modiiad and amended to read as fo ws: "An·nc1.n I. "“""""“"" is m""°u:*··“·=*·° §·¤;‘.°£1?°*th#.z#d‘t*:%¤di*;·?;$...*¤bys.'¤.;·; to ' an surnen er e m a es o ca

 ti(i1e,fgapld interest in and to that portion of its reservation dews:

mi; .t a point on the north boundary of the Southern Ute Indian ation in southwestern Colorado where the north q_uarter corner of unsurveyed fractional section two (2), township thirty- four (34) north, range fifteen (15) west, ‘south of the Ute boundary] intersects the same; thence south to the south quarter corner of unsurveyed section twenty-six (26), said township; thence west to the southwest corner of unsurveyed section twen y-five (25), township thirty-four (34) north, range sixteen (16) west; thence north to the northwest corner of unsurveied fractional section one (1) , said township_; thence east to the nort quarter corner of unsurveyed fractional section two (2), township thirty-four (34) north, range fifteen (15) west, ‘south of the Ute boundary} the place of begmmng; fourteen thousand five hundred and twenty (14,520) acres, more or less, lying and being in Montezuma County, State of Colorado. HARTICLE H. ¤·•¤¤= M ¤¤ ¤·>¤· "In consideration for the lands r lin uish d and surrend d '°’°‘"”" ‘ aforpsag tlae lgngtpdtlStategIhereI1l;?Ir1 Egrezs toaclpnvey to said°I;1(i’£ nuceanouernteansinx thflds lying within the present boundaries of the Miiasg we N iiltiioiilal gdrk and from the public domain, said lands to become a art of the reservation of sa1d Wimmuche Band of Southern Ute lgidians and to_ take on the same character and t1tle as the rest of the land of the said reservation, of which the become a art b virtue of this agreement and described as follbwsw P y "Seetioiis one (1),_two (2), three·(3), four (4), five (5), fractional sectmns e ht (8), 111118 (9), ten (10), eleven (11) twelve (12), in township &1.rty-four (34) north, range sixteen (16), west, ‘north of the Ute boundary’; also sections twentyjfive (25), twenty-six (26), gwenty-sevsz;v§27):,;;;>u;heast gpctilpipttvgentyfight (28), sec- 1ons hn·ty·_o _,hn·ty— ee — 34,thirt-fi (35), and thnty-six (36), township thirty·%rqmg5) iiorth, iran; sixteen $16) west, containing ten thousand and eighty (10,080) acres, more or ess. "AIso sections five (5) and six (6) and fractional sections seven C7) and eight (8) (unsurveyed) in township thirty-fou,r (34) north, range seventeen (17) west, north of the Ute boundary} and sections one