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SIXTYJIHIRD conennss. sm. rn. eu. 141. 1915. 1001 nousn or nnriznsnmurrvns. ¤,§g§°°°‘ ‘*°P*·°°”°· For com ensation of Members of the House of Re resentatives, PW °‘ “°¤*"°” Delegates gem Territories, the Resident Commissioneli from Porto ¤i)¤iilg<i¤i:i¤1i»•lii1¤¤ll¢s°lii gégo, and) the Resident Commissioners from the Philippine Islands, 04,50 . For mileage of Representatives, Delegates, and expenses of Resi— m‘°°‘°" dent Commissioners, $175,000. For compensation of officers, clerks, messengers, and others: °m°°”’,°1‘""’°°°‘ Ormon or rm: Srmxnn: Secretary to Speaker, $4,000; clerk to s*’°°°‘°"°m°°‘ Speaker’s table, $3,600, and for preparing Digest of the Rules, $1,000 per annum; clerk to Speaker, $1,600; messenger to Speaker, $1,440; messenger to §peaker’s table, $1,200; in all, $12,840. mpm CHAPLAIN: or Chaplain, $1,200. mak 0, th, Hm _ Orrrcn or run Cnnnxz Clerk of the House of Representatives, ¤1¤¤,•a1 mcludingdpompensation as disbursing omcer of the contingent fund, $6,500; e 0 horse and wagon for use of the Clerk’s office, $900, or so much thereof as may be necessary; chief clerk, $4,500; journal clerk, and two reading clerks, at $4,000 each; disbursing clerk, $3,400; tally clerk, $3,300; file clerk, $3,250; enrolling clerk, $3,000; chief bill clerk, $3,000; assistant to chief clerk, and assistant enrolling clerk, at $2,500 each; assistant to disbursing clerk, $2,400; stationery clerk, $2,200; librarian, $2,100; assistant file clerk, $1,900; two assistant librarians, one messenger and assistant journal clerk, and one clerk, at $1,800 each; three clerks, at $1,680 each; bookkeeper, and assistant in disbursing office, at $1,600 each· four assistants to chief bill clerk, at $1,500 each; stenographer to Clerk, $1,400; locksmith, who shall be skilled in his trade, $1,300; messenger in chief clerk’s oiltice, and assistant in stationery room, at $1,200 each; messenger in file room, messenger in disbursing office, and assistant in House library, at $1,100 eac · stenographer to chief bill clerk, $1,000; four telephone operators, including one night operator at $900 each; three session telephone o erators, at $75 per month each from Decem— ber first, nineteen hundred and fifteen to June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and sixteen; substitute telephone operator when required, at $2.50 per day, $500; two laborers in bathroom, at $900 each; two laborers, and page in enrolling room, at $720 each; allowance to chief clerk for stenographic and typewriter services, $1,000; in all, $94,925. Ummn SUPERINTENDENT or mn Cameron Bumnmc mn Gnomms: °‘“°‘ °°*‘°"'·°‘°· Chief engineer, $1,900; assistant engineers-three at $1,300 each, one $1,200; twenty-four elevator con uctors, including fourteen for service in the House Office Building, at $1,200 eac , who shall be under the supervision and direction of the Superintendent of the Capitol Building and Grounds; machinist, $1,300; electrician, $1,200; three laborers, at $800 each; m all, $40,700. Cnnnxs, mzssmxemis, Ann Jimrrons ·ro mn rornowmo com- m%¤¤,y,·,,:;¤g_Fg¢•g·_ urrrmzsz Accounts-clerk $2,500, assistant clerk $1,800, janitor mmm. $1,000; Agriculture—~clerk $2,500, assistant clerk $1,800, janitor $1,000; Applro riations——clerk $4,000 and $1,000 additional while the office is els by the present incumbent, assistant clerk and stenographer $2,500, assistant clerks, one $1,900, one $1,800, j amtor $1,000; Bankirag and Currency——clerk $2,000, assistant clerk $1,200, janitor $720; ensus·—clerk $2,000, janitor $720; Clauns—clerk $2,500, assistant clerk $1,200, janitor $720; Coin e, Weights, and Measuresclerk $2,000, janitor $720; District of&%olumb1a—clerk $2,500, assistant clerk $1,800, janitor $720; Election of President, Yice President, and Representatives m Congress—clerk $2,000; Elections Number One-—clerk $2,000Elanitor $1,000; Elections Number Two-;—clerk $2,000, janitor $720; ections Number Three—clerk $2.000, janitor