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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 4. 1913. 83 (1), two (2), three (3), four (4) five (5), and fractional sections eight (8), nine (9), ten (10), eleven (11), and twelve (12) (unsurveyed), in township th.u·ty-four (34) north, range eighteen (18) west, ‘north of the Ute boundary} and sections nineteen (19), twenty (20), twenty- nine (29), thirty (30), thrrty-one (31), and thirt -two (32)» in township thirty-five (35) north. range seventeen (17), west, and sections twenty (20), twenty-one (21), twenty-two (22), twenty-three (23), twenty-four (24), twenty-Eve (25), twenty-six (26), twenty-seven (27), twenty-eight (28), twenty-nine (29), thirty-two (32), thirty- three (33), thirty-four (34), thirty-five (35), an thirty-six (36) rn township thirty-five (35) north, range eighteen (18), west, New Mexico principal meridian, containing twenty thousand one hundred and sixty (20,160) acres, more or less. _ _ _ "And in case it be found that any (portion of the lands herem *“*“°¤*“· described have been entered or fatente under any of the land laws of the United States, then, an in that event, it is stipulated and agreed that public lands of an equal amount and like character and lying ad’acent to the lands herein described be substituted and given to said iViminuche Band of Southern Ute Indians to make the total area of lands to be given in amount equal to the above-described lands, the total area in said western tract to contain twenty thousand one hundred and sixty (20,160) acres. NABTICLE HI. "Nothing in this cement shall be construed to deprive the ;,,,"“”,,.,,,.,,““’°’· °“*· '“" Indians parties heretoagrf any annuities or benents to which they are " entitled under existing laws and treaties. ".A.n·r1cLm IV. "This agreement shall become eifective and binding on the parties R‘“°°‘“°“ '°‘*°*”'*· hereto when ratified by the Congress of the United States." That the said agreement be, and the same is hereby, accepted, ¤,f,§§?°"‘°“‘ °°"‘ ratified, and confirmed as herein amended. That the Secretary of the Interior is hereby authorized to add to b,*,,‘,§‘,°§§§}§_‘ ““‘“’ *° the area conveyed to the Indians in exchange for the lands relinqukhed any tracts of unapprzpriated public and adjoining thereto which mag be necessary to m e the total area of the acreage ceded to the In 'ans in lieu o that lost to them by any prior existing valid ngkts attaching thereto. _ at the boundary of the Mesa Verde National Park, created by p§,‘§f‘V°"‘°‘“"“°°°' the Act of Congress apgroved June twenty-ninth, nineteen hundred °dB¤¤¤¤·¤¤= ·>¤¢¤¤d· and six (Thirty-fourth tatutes at Large, page six hundred and six- Vo1.s4,p.616. teen), is hereby extended on the south so as to include the land relinquished by the Indians in the foregoing agreement as herein provided and the boundaries of said park s all ereafter be defined as follows: um Begmning at a point on the north boundary of the Southern Ute D°°°l° Indian Reservation in southwestern Colorado where the north quarter corner of umurveyed fractional section two (2), township i·l1l.l’l3—fo'|.lf (34) north, range fifteen (15) west, "south of the Ute boun a.ry,” intersects the same; thence south to the south quarter corner of unsurveyled section twenty-six (26), said township; thence west to the sout west corner of unsurveyed section twenty-five (25), township thirty-four (34) north, range sixteen (16) west; thence north to the northwest corner of unsurveyed fractional section one (1),_sald township and range; thence west to the southeast corner of fractional section twelve (12), townshi thirty-four (34) north range sixteen (16) west, “n0rth of the Ute]l>oundary"; thence north to the northwest corner of section nineteen (19), township thirty-five (35) north,