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SIXTY·THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 141. 1915. 1007 phes, and contingent expenses in connection with repairs and improvements to Botanic Gardens, under direction of the Joint Library Committee of Congress, $8,000.

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For compensation or uio President or aio United stotoo, $75 coo. ""°*°°°*~ For compensation of the Vice President of the United Stiites, vi°° P"°i°°"t' $12,000. Oilice of The President: Secretaiiy, $7,500; executive clerk, $5,000; FJn.°°`€ot|.-;$°{)n1ioi°.liivo chief clerk, $4,000; appointment c erk, $3,500; record clerk, $2,500; °*°'*· °*°· two expert stenograp ers, at $2,500 each; accountant, $2,500; two correspondents, at $2,500 each· disbursing clerk, $2,000; clerksthree at $2,000 each, six of class four, three of class three, four of class two, three of class one; messeniers—two at $900 each, two at $840 each; three laborers, at $720 eac ; in all, $73,440: Promkled, That em- §Q’,,,,°'?°;,,,,,,,,1.,,,,,,_ ployees of the executive departments and other establishments of the executive branch of the Government ma be detailed from time to time to the office of the President of the lllnited States for such temporary assistance as may be necessaE For contingent expenses of the ecutive Office, including sta- °°“°"""°°‘”°""‘ tionery, record books, telegrams, telephones, books for library, furniture and caaipets for offices, automobiles, expenses of garage, mcluding labor, an miscellaneous items, to be expended in the discretion of the President, $25,000. cm sa-van Com. CIVHJ SERVICE COMMISSION. ¤=¤i¤¤· For mmmissioner, acting as president of the commission, $4,500; "' two commissioners, at $4,000eac ; chief examiner $3,500; secretary, ‘ $2,500; assistant chief examiner, $2,250· chiefs oi division-·—-three at $2,000 each; examiners-—one $2,400, three at $2,000 each, four at $1,800 each; clerks—six of class four, twen -six of class three, thirty- four of class two, forty-four of class one, lhirty-four at $1,000 eac twenty-two at $900 each; messenger; assistant messenger; skilled laborer, $720; four messenger boys, at $360 each. Custodian force: Engineer, $840; general mechanic, $840; telephone-switchboard operator; two firemen; two watchmen; two elevator conductors, at $720 each; three laborers; four charwomen; in all, $262,330. 1,,,;,,,,,,,,,, Fmnn roncnz District secretaries-—two at $2,400 each, one $2,200, four at $2,000 each, five at $1,800 each; clerks-—one of class four, one of class three, one of class one seven at $1,000 each, six at $900 each, five at $840 each; messenger boy, $480; in all, $45,680. No d,,,,,,_, nz d, No detail of clerks or other emtploypnes from the executive depart- w¤¤¤¤¤» •¤=· ments or other Government esta lis ents in Washington, District of Columbia, to the Civil Service Commission, for the dperformance of duty in the District of Columbia, shall be made for or uring the fiscal year nineteen hundred and sixteen. The Civil Service Commission shall, however, have power in case of emergency to transfer or detail an of its employees herein provided for to or from its office force, Helli force, or rural carrier examining board. Expt, ummm Exranr nxaumnns: For employment of expert examiners not in the Federal service to prepare gpestions and rate tp-anpers in examinations on special subjects or w `ch examiners wi the service are not availa le, $2,000. mvmn of Em_ Division or nmrrcmxcrz For establishment and maintenance of cimcy- d system of efliciencgi ratings, pursuant to section four of the legislative, ?,·°,§’f’§5f",,_Ef§" executive, and ju 'cial appropriation Act for the fiscal year nineteen hundred and thirteen, for investigation of the needs of the several executive departments and independent establishments with respect