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1008 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 141. .1915. to personnel; and for investigation of duiplication of statistical and other work and methods of business in the various branches of the Goveflnment service;binc1l:r;ding1not more thag $2,500 foihequipfngept, sup 'es, statione oo an r1nting· an not more an 3 or _‘{*i‘},§‘°,‘;f,§§,’}§f’},;c_ street car fare $3105,000; the chic}; of the {Division of Efficiency herein gréovided for tghall be appoirited gy thelPresident ang shalll xgapgrt to ngress at e beginning' o eac regu ar session, t oug the resident, the nat1u·e and progress of work undertaken by the division together with a deta ed statement of expenditures showing the , rsons enriployed, their duties, and the compensation paid to each: Pay mirmum. §·mn2led, at m; person shall be employed ereunder at a compen- . sation in excess o $4,000 er annum. •¤¤1:”v°u°g°x°°°°°°’ For necessaq traveling) expenses, including those of examiners acting under thel direction of thecipmmisiion, tsind for vgxpenses of ti `mffns t ashing't, and, in<3ud)iI§gailnotme`xceel§.idig0.$1,000 for 1ll>f8attendance0dlt meetingssof pggihe oiilicials when specifi y directed by the com- , mission 12,0 . . Fm For iield examiners at the rate of $1,500 per annum each, for work in connection with members of local boards and other necessary work as directed by the commission, $5,700. ”·¤***¤°¤*°‘“*·**- a . DEPARTMENT orsrnrn. °°°'°""I ,·"“'“°’“',** For Secretary of State $12,000· Assistant Secret $5 000- Secs•·v¤»,c¤ii)‘¤£i¤¤,•ze. ond and Assistant ,Secretaries, at $4,500 each?%irecl:or df the Consular Service, ${13500; counselor for the department, to be ap- Omm tm Mm gggnted by the President, by and with the advice and consent of e wanna:. ate, $7,500; omcers to aid 1D 1ID%0I't8»I1lG drafting w0rk—four at · $4,500 each, four at $3,000 each, to e apipointed by the Secretary, any_ one of whom may be employed as clue of division of far eastern, _m,Sm,w,mm_ Latm_Amer1can,_ near_ eastern, or European affairs, or upon other work m connection with foreign relations; three assistant solicitors cm, dork, eww 0, of the department, to he appointed by the Secretary, at $3,000 each; ¤m¤¤,¢m¤,•z¤. chief cler , who sign such official papers and documents as the

 as $é°§€;i$E1;%°$§p{1’“fZa§l°§k’iif2’s,m,5°°;m,V"  :1::*

B , 6 laws of Congress and gerformsuch otheryduties as ma be required of them, at $2,500 an $1,500, respectively; chiefs of lsiureaus——two at $2,250 each five at $2,100 each; two translators, at $2,100 each; géiéstnaeiiseefersweausecretaries as tm

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§1,80l}; c%erksGsevpnlttee1; of clue? fpliir, riineteelrlir of cl?ss fihree, tlwerlitgi veo cass o o_y-hreeo assone,t eeo womsall e telgaph operatdrs, eighteen at $1,000 each, eighteen at $900 each; gchi migiesglenger, $1,200; %»gn1}y-thiiclxeboassistant mes- · P ¢SS6nger_o ·pac er ; our rers at $600 gigcgé tglephtgneghwwggggrod ];opetii·am£%2%ssista·p1t $t§g—iphone switchera r; ver · os er ; , ,o2o_ E*¤*¤°¤°Y °‘°’kS- Foremergpgcy cleridal services, tobe e litided by the Secreta.ry of State in his retion, $30,000, orso mnchllhgreof as may be necessary. ccnuugenwcpeses. QONTQGENTOEXPENSESZ For stationery, furniture, Hxtures, thewnters, exchange of the same, repairs, and materialyilor re aus, , . I·¤>¤¤¥· Hbgior bggkgoiuid maps, and periodicals, domestic and foreign, for the _ rary _ . _ L‘**‘°¢"P*"“¤· For of hthographer and necessary materials for lithograiphic press $1,500. ‘"“°‘“"”°“ _ or miscellaneous expenses, including urchase, care and subsistence of horses, to be used only for o£i:ial purposes, repair and