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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 141. 1915. 1009 maintenance of horse-drawn asse r carrymg` vehicles; automobile mail wagon, including exchangeililf same, harness equipment for drivers, street-car tickets not exceeding $100, and other items not included in the foregoing, $7,280. For rent of buildings in the District of Columbia, $11,200. Rm- TREASURY DEPARTMENT. m;§‘u¤:¤¤¤ry D¤v¤r¢- Omron or rms: Snonnranrz Secretary of the Treas $12 000· S°°’°***'Y··*“'¤’°¤*¤· three Assistant Secretaries, at $5,000 each; clerk to thbyiiecretary; d“¤’m` $3,000; executive clerk, $2,400; stenographer, $1,800; three rivate secretaries, one to each Assistant Secretary, at $1,800 each; (i)0vern— ment actua?, imder control of the Treasury, $2,500; clerks-one of class four, our of class three, two of class two; chief messenger, $1,100; two assistant chief messengeas, at $1 000 each; messengersthree at $900 each, three at $840 each; in all, $61,420. — Office of chief clerk and superintendent: Chief clerk, including $300 ,,,pH,°,§§,},‘;‘,,‘;;,*;°°c§';,f*k’;* as supermtendent of Treasiuy Building, who shall be the chief ¤¢·=- ’ executive officer of the department and who may be des' ated by the Secretary of the Treasury to s` official papers and lcgdlcuments during the ternlporary absence of Lxe Secretary and the Assistant Secretaries of e department, $4,000; assistant superintendent of Treasug Building, $2,500; clerks-one $2,000, four of class four, one of ass three, two of class two, two of class one, one $1,000, one $900; operator of photographic copying machine, $800; two messengers; three assistant messengers; messenger boy, $360; storekeeper, $1,200; telegraph operator, $1 200; telephone operator and assistant telegraph operator, $1,200; chief engineer, $1,400; three assistant E¤¤¤•·¤·•¤>~ engneers, at $1,000 each; eight elevator conductors, at $720 each, an the use of laborers as relief elevator conductors during rush hours is authorized; eight firemen; coal passer, $500; loclmmith and electrician, $1,400; captain of the watch, $1,400; two lieutenants of the watch, at $900 each; sixty-five watchmen; foreman of laborers, mW°g;¤¤¤¤¤¤» ¤¤¥¤¤·- $1,000; skilled laborers-two at $840 each, two at $720 each; elec- ’ trician, $1,200; wireman, $900; thirty-five laborers (one transferred from Treasurer’s office); ten laborers, at $500 each; plumber, $1,100; painter, $1,100; plumber’s assistant, $780; péghty- ve charwomen; carpenters-two at $1,000 each, one $720. mder Building: Eng? www mama;. neer, $1,000; three firemen; elevator conductor, $720; four watc — men; three laborers (one of whom, when necessary shall assist and relieve the elevator conductor); forewoman of char force, $480; eight charwomen. Cox Buildin , seventeen hundred and nine New York °°¤ B¤”d*¤¤· Avenue: Two watchmen-igremen, at $720 each; laborer. Auditors’ A¤•ii¢¤r¤’ B¤¤·1i¤¤- Building: Forewoman of char force, $480; twenty-five charwomen; elevator conductor, $720; five laborers, at $500 each (one of whom, when necessary, shall assist and relieve the elevator conductor); two female laborers, at $480 each; skilled laborer, $840; in all, $185,980. General Su ly Committee: Superintendent of supplies, $2,250; C,,‘f,,‘},§‘,§ S""¥"’ clerks—one ofpiilass four, one of class three, three of class two, two of class one; twelve temporary clerks for four months, at $75 each per month; in all, $15 850. _ Division of Bookkeeping and Warrants: Chief of division, $4,000; w%§‘§,§§§,€,,§“" assistant chief of division, $3,000; estimate and digest clerk, $2,500; executive clerk, $2,500; two principal bookkeepers, at $2,100 each; eleven bookkeepers, at $2,000 each; clerks-fourteen of class four, six of class three, six of class twoitwo of class oarip; messenger; three assistant messen ers; messe er o $480; in $87,280. Division of Cgstoms: Chili? of dilirision, $4,0002 assistant chief of °"“°°""D""i°"‘ division, $3,000; supervising tea examiner, $2,750; law clerksfive at $2,500 each, two at $2,000 each; clerks-five of class four, 91006°-vox. 38-rr 1-64