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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 141. 1915. 1013 Postal Savings System: Accoimtant, $2,000; clerks—three of m1;¤¤*•i ¤•vi¤s¤ Sysclass two, two of class one, three at $1,000 each; expert counter, $900; ` in gil, $12,500. d hm or repairs to cancelmg` an cutf mac es in the office of the C¤¤¤•¤¤s. ctc-. ms- Treasurer of the United States, $200lBg °m°°°' For purchase of labor-saving and filing devices, including exchange, ·¤¤vi¤s dorepairs, miscellaneous expenses of installation, for use in the office '°°°' of the Treasurer of the United States, $5,000. Omvrcm or Rmcrsrm or mn Tnmasmzr: Register, $4,000; Assist- R°$““°"“ °m°°· ant Register, $2,500; chief of division, $2,000; clerks-two of class four, two of class three, two of class two, three of class one, three at $1,000 each, four at $900 each (one transferred to Loans and Currency Division); messenger; laborer; in all, $29,800. Orrrcn or COMPTBOLLEB or mm Cunnmzcr: Comptroller, $5,000; °,Q’,§}°gg;§g_¥;¤¤°“* deputy comptrollers—one $3,500, one $3,000; chiel) clerk, $2,500; ` chiefs of divisions—one $2,500 two at $2,200 each; general bookkeeper, $2,000· amistant bookkeeper, $2,000; clerks-ten of clws four, additional to bond clerk $200, sixteen of class three, seventeen of class two, twenty-six of class one, thirteen at $1,000 each, seven at $900 each; stenographer, $1,600; six counters, at $840 each; messenger; five assistant messengers; three laborers; two messenger boys, at $360 each; in all, $156,780. . For expenses of the national currency (to be reimbursed by the x1;gu*:_P** ¤¤·r¤¤r national anks): Srpperintendent, $2,500; teller, $2,000; clerks——one ` of class four, one 0 class three, four of class two, five of class one, \ fom at $1,000 each, five at $900 each; engineer, $1,000; twelve expert counters, at $840 each; three counters, at $700 each; assistant messenger; fireman; messenger boy, $360; two charwomen; in all, $43,460. For special examinations of national banks and bank plates, of mfuiygxi ¤¤¤¤1¤¤- keeping macerator in Treasury Building in replnlir, and for other inci- ' dental expenses attending the working of t macerator, and for procuring information relative to banks other than national, $5,000. Orrxom or Comtrssroiuzn or Iivrnnivar. Rmvmwnz Commissioner, mgg<:,,;{'g¤a¤§§•g; $6,500; deputy commissioners-one $4,000, one $3,600; chemists- um. chief $3,000, one $2,500; assistant chemists—two at $1,800 each, one $1,600, one $1,400; heads of divisions-—four at $2,500 each, five at $2,250 each; superintendent of stamp vault, $2,000; private secretary, $1,800; clerks-—three at $2,000 each, thirty-one of class four, twenty-seven of class three, for?-one of class two, forty of class one, thirty-two at $1,000 each, orty-two at $900 each; four messengers; twenty assistant messengers; sixteen laborers; in all, $359,770. For the fol1ow1ng` , formerl authorized and paid from the a ro- A“‘“°°'},,m,""; riation for "Class1fying, ancl so forth, returns of corporations,’P%nd liiirim on ljor others whose employment is necessary 0n_account of the Act imposing income taxes on corporations and mdividuals, namely: Deputy commissioner, $4,000; eads of div1sions—one $3,500, one ,,f’,,•¤g,§,{?,;•;*'},*;",,;"'f,?.';; $2,500; three assistant heads of divisions, at $2,000 each; attomey, aw- $3,600; law clerk, $2,000; insurance expert, $2,000; railroad expert, $2,000; clerks-—one $2,000, fifteen of class four, twenty-seven of class three, fifty of class two, thirty-six of class one, forty at $1,000 each, twenty-four at $900 each; seven messengers; four assistant messengers; 111 all, $281,360. _ For the following emplplyees in the Office of the Commissioner of ,“°';_"”°““"'¤'”°Y Internal Revenue rom J y first, nineteen hundred and fifteen, to December thirty-first, nineteen hundred and Efteen, both dates inclusive: Clerks-two of class four, two of class three, one of class two, one of class one, one $900; two counters, at $900 each; in all, $6,050.