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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 141. 1915. 1015 For examinations of mints, e1;pense in mints for the pur- m'**'*°“°""·°"°- pose of superintending the annu settlements, and for special exammations, and for the. collection of statistim relative to the annual m{’,'gf*°*” ¤°*“‘”'°· groduction and consumption of the precious metals in the United tates, $4,800. Ormcn or Summon Ganmnn. or Ponmc Hmxxm Snnvrcnz Sur- mifubuc Hmm S°"· n General, $6,000; chief clerk, $2,250; private secretary to the geniigeon General, $1,800; assistant editor, $1,800; clerks-—four of class four, four of class three, eight of class two, one of whom shall be translator, eight of class one, three at $1,000 each, three at $900 each; messenger; three assistant messengers; telephone operator, $720; two laborers, at $540 each; in all, $56,750. OONTINGENT nxrmwsnsz For stationery for the Treasury Depart- ment and its several bureaus and offices $50,000, and in ad tion thereto sums amounting to $82,000 shall be deducted from other approprgagions mggle for the fiscal yeiaadninetgen hlurngdmd six- umm teen, as o ows: ntingent expenses, e ent asury, ,000; M¤i¤•¤¤¤\¤ contingent expenses, mint at Philadelph1I:m$350; contingent ex- {Kn bum"' °m°°°' , mint at San Francisco, $200; contingent elzapenses, mint at §nver, $200; contiuipt expenses, assa%office at ew York, $350· materials and miscel eous expenses, ureau of Engraving and Printin $4,200; suppressing coimterfeiting and other crimes, $200; Public ilealth Service, $2,200; Quarantine Service, $500; upreventing the spread of epidemic diseases, $200; egpenses of e Coast Guard, $2,600; general expenses of public b _ dings, $6,000; collectin the revenue from customs, $35,000; miscellaneous expenses of collecting internal revenue, $14,000; expenses of collecting the income tax, $10,000; and said sums so deducted shall be credited to and constitute, together with the first-named sum of $50,000, the total appro riation for stationery for the Treasury Department and its several bureaus and offices, with the exception o field officers located in foreign countries, for the fiscal year mneteen hundred and sixteen. For postage required to {prepay matter addressed to Postal Union *’°¤*°¤•· countries, and for postage or the Department, $1,000. D For materials for the use of the bookbmder located m the Treasury B*¤‘”¤¤· e artment, $250. Igor newspa er clip ings, financial journals, law books, city direc- B•'°’•¤°•°°°‘”·°'°~ gories, and other books of reference relating to the business of the e artment $1,000. ger freiglit, expressage, telegraph and telephone service, $9,000. 1'*•*¤¤*· •*°· For investigation an experimentation an to secure better meth- w{g'•;:*,g;:*°:g¤{{n°,;_· ods of administration, with a view to increased efliciencinor to greater mmm mmam. economy in the expenditure of public money, mclu g)necessary travelin expenses, in connection with special work, or o taining of better administrative methods in any branch of the service within or imder the Treasury Department, including the temporary employ- ment of ents, stenographers, accountants, or other expert services eitger witginfiguylvithout the District of Columbia, $15,000. R L or rent o dmgs` , $11,350. °“ For purchase, exch e, maintenance, and repair of motor trucks; V°"*°‘”- purchase, exchange, al-iid maintenance of horses, including shoemg; and the purchase and repair of w ns, ho1se-drawnJ¤assenger-cany- ing vehicles, and harness, all toagg used for offici purposes only, $2,500. For purchase of file holders and tile cases, $4,000. "°" For the purchase of coal, wood, engine oils and grease, grates, grate "`“°‘·°°°· baskets and Hxtures, blowers, coal ods, coal s ovels, pokers, and tongs, $12,000.