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1016 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. HI. Ch. 141. 1915. L¤¤¤¤¢· For urchase of as, electric current for hting and power purposes, gas and electric light Hxtures, electric liglit wiring and material, » candles, candlesticks, droplights and tubing, gas bumers, gas torches, use g‘t~'°""· ‘“‘U£t.'”g * ifi “¤Q°...?;g‘%‘·5°]2‘ ch f - d rx •°¤¤· orw an e owe,uraseoawnmgsa.n - tures, window shades and fixtures alcoqiol, benzine, turpentine, varnish, baskets, belting bellows, bowls, brooms, buckets, brushes, canvas, crash, cloth, chamois skins, cotton waste, door and wmdow fasteners, dusters; flower-garden, street, and engine hose; lace leather, lye, nails oils, plants, picks, pitchers, powders, stencil plates, hand stamps and repairs of same, spittoons, soap, matches, match safes sponges, tacks, traps, thermometers, toilet paper, tools, towels towel racks, tumblers, wire zinc, and for blacksmithmg, repairs of machinery, removal of rubbish, sharpe tools street car tickets not exwédivlag $250, advertising for roms, and for sales at public auction in ashington, District of dblumbia, of condemned property belo to the Treasury Deipartment, payment of auctioneer fees, and purchase of other abso utely necessary articles, $13,500. cmI;_¤¤gg:•**¤¢ ¤•· For purchase of labor-saving machines an supplies for same, ' ’ including the purchase and exchange of registering accountants, numbering machines, and other machines o a similar character including time stamps for stamping date of receipt of official mail and telegrams, and repairs thereto, and the purchase of supplies for photographic copying machines, $6,000. ¤¤¤•¤·•*¢· For purchase o carpets, caapet border and lining, linoleum mats, , matting, and repairs, an for cleaning, cutting, making, laying, ang re·laying of the same, by contra.ct,·$2,000. F¤¤·*¤¤•· For purchase of boxes, book rests, chairs, chair caning, chair covers, desks, bookcases, clocks, cloth for covering desks, cushions, leather for cove chairs and sofas, locks, lumber, screens, tables, typewriters, in the exchange of same, wardrobe cabinets, washstands, water coolers and stands, and for replacing other worn and unserviceable articles $10,000. mmm- For maintenance of the automatic fire-alarm systems in the Treasury and Winder Buildings $2,052. P¤””°H°¤“—**°°P°*- For heat, light, and shelving for premises numbered fourteen hundred and fourteen Penns lvama Avenue northwest, occupied by the purveying depot of the lhxblic Health Service, $750. ‘ ,,;¤°*°°*‘g,*__§}?" °‘· Commesar am: s nxrmwsss, Omen or Autorron c¤¤D%i¤¤¤¤x>¤¤¤<·¤· ros Posr Omen Dmranrunmz For miscellaneous items, including purchase, repair, and exchange of typewriters and adding machines, of which not exceeding $500 ma be used for furniture and re airs, not exceeding $375 may be used for rental of telephones, and) not exceeding $300 may be used for the purchase of law books. b ks of m§g¤**¤' M •*¤·¤d*· reference, and city directories, $6,000, to be expended xmgdi the ' direction of the Auditor for the Post Office Department under rules and regulations to be prescribed by the Secretary of the Treasury and operate as a specific exception of the said office from the appropriation for cont' ent expenses, Treasury Department, unless otherwise provided blyldaw. m’f·'•¤¤•¤¤i·¤vv¤··· For purchase of cards and tabulating equipment for use in audit' accounts and vouchers of the Postal Service, including exchange aliid repairs, $97,750, to be expended under the direction of the Auditor for the Post Office Department under rules and regulations to be §:j*;,°,,m¤_ prescribed by the Secretary of the Treas1u·y: Provided, That not exceeding $24,550 may be expended for the rental of tabulating and card-sorting machines.