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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 141. 1915. 10].7 councrme mrmzinr. nmvmmm. m°g_P;g°*¤¢ *¤*•*¤¤·' For salaries and expenses of collectors of internal revenue de ut °°“°°*°”· '“"°Y‘ collectors, surveyors, clerks, messenglers, and janitors in m'm` revenue offices, _$2,165,000: Promkled, hat no part of this amount be §,'{’,;f••_; ,,5 used in defraying the expenses of any officer, designated above, subpcenaed by the United States court to attend any trial before a United States court or preliminary examination before any United States commissioner, which expenses shall be paid from the appro- ‘*"“"‘°°7‘ priation for ‘ Fees of witnesses, nited States cou.rts." For additional amount required for salaries and expenses of col- g,‘,§1,°§,?‘ '°"’°°" lectors of internal revenue, deput collectors, surveyors, clerks, mes- Amp- 764- sengers and janitors in internal revenue offices until December thirty-drst, nmeteen hundred and fifteen, $315,000. For salaries and expenses of forty revenue agents provided for by A‘°°°"“““‘°”’°°°‘ law, including per diem not to exceed $4, in lieu of subsistence pursuant to section thirteen of the sundrg civil Act approved August first, nineteen hundred and fourteen, an fees and expensesof gaugeis, salaries and expenses of storekeepers and storekee -gaugers, $2 200,000: Provided, That whenever any cask or pacme of dis- §“'°f°;d,,,,,¤,_ tilled spirits containing five wine gallons or more is dumped by a n§,{,,°g*§_{,»wggf·· **7 rectifier for rectification or filled and received from rectification for n.s.,»e:¤z¤jp.t44, sale, shipment or delivery the same shall be gauged, marked, branded °°i*°•iS¢`fp.w1. and stampgd by a United States gauger; but the Commissioner of Internal venue may by regulations, approved by the Secretary of the Treasury, provide that the gauging, marking, stamp1ng_an branding of such packages so dumped for rectification, or received therefrom, be done by the rectifier instead of by a United States auger. g Collecting the income tax: For expenses of assessing and collecting ,,,°f’“°°°°" "‘°°“" the income tax·as provided in paragraph N section two, of an Act j”*g· ,1;; {3% entitled "An Act to reduce tariff duties, and to provide revenue_for ’ the Government, and for other purposes," approved October third, nineteen hundred and thirteen including the purchase of such sup; plies, equipment, mechanical devices, and other articles as may necessary or use in the several collection districts, including not to ,,_, Mm mm exceed $4 per diem, in lieu of subsistence, gngsuant to section thirteen mmm m of the sundry civil Act approved August t, nmeteen hundred and *" fourteen, $1,220,000. coumm c°mm_m_ Collecting the cotton·futures tax: The unexpended balance on mm tu, June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and fifteen, o the appropriation _,§,*§‘°"°° '°°P¥"°*"" of $50,000 provided by section mneteen of the Act approved August .4¤¢¢,v.w•>. eighteenth, nineteen and fourteen, entitled ‘An Act to tax the privilege of dealing on exchanges, boards of trade, and similar places in contracts of sale of cotton for future delivery, and for other urposes/’ is reappropriated and made available for like purposes lduring the fiscal year nineteen hundred and sixteen. Mmmm N. d Restricting the sale of opium, and so forth: For expenses to enforce opium, ew. the rovisions of the Act approved December seventeenth, nineteen §{§,‘j“;f;q,_, hundred and fourteen, entitled "An Act to provide for the registration of, with collectors of internal revenue, and to impose a special tax upon all persons who produce, import, manufacture, compound, deal in, dispense, sell, distribute, or give away opium or cocoa eaves, their salts, derivatives, or preparations, and or other purposcs," mx M M including the employment of agents, deputycollectors, msiipectorsi *’°" * chemists, assistant c emists, clerks, and messengers in the eld an in the Bureau of Internal Revenue in the District of Columbia to be appointed by the Commissioner of Internal Revenue, with the approval of the Secretax y of the Treasury, and for the purchase of such supplies, equipment, mechanical devices, and other articles as may