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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 4. 1913. 85 For continuing the investigation by the Secretary of War for the ug]? Cams R**S°m· purpose of determining the feasibihty and practicability of con- Surveyromamtra, structin a dam and reservoir at or in the vicinity of the Box Canyon f°' img"“°“ S"s°°m‘ on the San Carlos Indian Reservation, and for other purposes as authorized b the Act of August twenty-fourth, nineteen hundred V°1`37’ p‘m‘ and twelve ;l`hirty-seventh Statutes at Lar e, pages five hundred and eighteen to five hundred and twentytwol, $10,000, to be immediately available and to remain availab e until exipended. For the development of a water supply for omestic and stock §,Pg_g°B}1¤d}¤¤· purposes and for irrigation for noma Papago Indians in Pima pp y' Colunty, Arizona, $5,(§)0. I th ~ ·· .. ···*a~—¤··*;~&1·—~ G d or continuing an comp e e construction o e ana o Ngwio R¤S¤¤*¤*i<>¤· irrigation project on the N avatjldldndian Reservation in Arizona, in p£5¤$i:?d° mgaum accordance with the plans submitted by the chief engineer of the Indian service and appfoved by the Commissioner of Indian Affairs and the Secretary of the Interior, in conformity with section one of V°L 3°»¥’·2"°· the Act a roved April fourth, nineteen hundred and ten, $25,100: _ Provided, Rllhat the total cost of the project shall not exceed $60,100. Pmfiiiiiii me. The Secretary of the Interior is hereby authorized and directed to n§m on messy make an inves n of the conditions on the western Navajo Indian {,‘§',,w$1,€§,“,°§°§’,§,}g°,‘§‘g_‘ Reservation in na, with respect to the necessity of constructing a bridge across the Moencopi Wash, on said reservation, and also to cause surveys, plans, and reports to be made, together with an estimated limit cost for the construction of a suitable bridge at that place, and submit his report thereon to Congress on the first Monday 111 December, nineteen hundred and thirteen and the sum of $1,000, or so much thereof as may be necessary, is hereby appropriated for the purpose herein authorized. For completion of the construction of necessary channels and R*‘"""R"‘ laterals for the utilization of water in connection with the Eumping ;¤;¤¤<;¤di¤zir¤z¤¤¤¤ plant for irrigation purposes on the Colorado River Indian eserva- Sy ' tion, Arizona, as provided in the Act of April fourth, nineteen hun- V°"3°·P·"*’“ dred and ten Statutes at Large, page two hundred and seventy-three), for e purpose of securing an appropriation of water for the irrigation of approximately one hundrecf) and fifty thousand acres of land and for maintainiggnnd operating the pumping plant, $25,000, reimbursable as provid in said Act, and to remain available ,,;§§§§1fb*° mm °" until erapendcd. _ For e construction of a bridge across the Gila River on the San ,,f,§{” °"‘°° R°°°"*‘ Carlos Apache Indian Reservation Arizona, $45,500; and for the Sagrws Igin ¤¤¤ construction of a bridge across the San Carlos River on said reserva- °° W"` tion in said State, $19,800, to be immediately available, said bridges to be constructed across said streams in the places and manner . recommended by the Secretary of the Interior in House Document Numbered One thousand and thirteen, Six?-second Congress, third session; in all, $65,300 which said sum 0 $65,300 shall be reim— §.f§,’j”gf‘g’8gf°°“‘· bursed to the United States by the Apache Indians having tribal ' rights on the Fort Apache and San Car os Indian Reservations, and shall be and remain a charge and lien upon the lands, plroperty, and funds belonging to said A ache Indians until paid in fu . For the construction of) a bridge across the Colorado River from um R¤S¤m¤¤>¤· School Hill on the Yuma Indian Reservation, in the State of Cali- Bridpe me cone. fornia, to Isenitenti Hill, in the town of Yuma, in the State of $1* "' t° Yum Arizona, to be expemd under the direction of the Secretary of the Interior, not to exceed the sum of $25,000, in the construction of a bridge, as recommended by the Secretary of the Interior in House Document Numbered One thousand and twenty, Sixty-sec0nd Con- hmm gress, third session: Provided, That no art of the money herein ap- mpenxtmamaua propriated shall be expended until the Secretary of the Inter1or_shal1 Sm"- ave obtained from the proper authorities of the State of Arizona and the State of California satisfactory guaranties of the payment