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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 141. 1915. 1027 $1,600 each; three at $1,400 each, two at $1,200 each; stenographer and typewriter, $900; foreman and captain of the watch, $1,000; carpenter, $1,000; engineer, $1,000; three firemen; six watchman; elevator conductor, $720; nine laborers; in all, $44,240. For miscellaneous computations, $5,000. °°¤P¤m*°¤*~ For professional and scientific books, books of reference, periodicals, L“"'°"Y· engravings, photographs, and Hxtures for the library $750. or apparatus and mstruments, and for re airs of the same, $2,000. For repairs to buildings, fixtures, andp fences; furniture, , °°"““°”‘°‘P°“°°’· chemicals, and stationeréy; freight (including transmission of pulililc documents through the mithsonian exchange), foreign postage, and expressage; plants, fertilizers, and all contingent e enses, $3,000. Eor fuel, 011, grease, pipe, wire, and other materihis needed for the maintenance an repair 0 boilers, engines, heating apparatus, electric

 and power plant, and water-supply system; purchase and

maintenance of teams; maintenance, repair, or operation of horsedrawn passenger-carrying vehicles; material for boxing nautical instruments for trans ortation; paints, telegraph and telephone service, and incidental llabor, $8,000. For cleanin , repair, and upkegp of grounds and roads, $5,000. °'°“{""°'*"'°“°· NAU·r1cA1. .§.LMANA0 Ormonc or assistants in preparing for pub- Ogggm *“¤*¤•° lication the American Ephemeris and Nautical Almanac—one $2,000, two at $1,800 each, two at $1,600 each, two at $1,400 each, three at $1,200 each, two at $1,000 each; copyist and typewriter, $900; assistant messenger; messenger boy, $420; in all, $19,240. For pay of computers on iecework in preparing for publication Compums. the American Ephemeris and Nautical Almanac and in improving the tables of the planets, moon, and stars, $3,000. BUREAU or Srmnr Euemnmnmez Chief clerk, $2,250; bookkeeper E,’f‘,,‘}$,,§",L,,,g_‘ “‘”"' and accountant, $1,800 (transferred from Bureau of Equipment); clerks--—one of class four, four of class three (two transferred from Bureau of Equipment), three of class two (one transferred from Bureau of Equipment), two at $1,300 each (one transferred from Bureau of Equipment), five of class one (two transferred from Bureau of Equipment), one $1,100, four at $1,000 each, one $900; copyist (transferred from Bureau of Equipgment); expert in wireless telegraphy, $3,000 (transferred from ureau of Equipment); draftsmen-one (who shall be an expert in marine construction) $2,000 (transferred from Bureau of Eqmpment), one $1,400, assistant $1,200; blueprinter, $720 (transferre rom Bureau of Equiggnent); two assistant messengers (one transferred from Bureau of quitpment); laborers-—three at $660 each (one transferred from Bureau o Equipment), two at $600 each; messenger boy $600; in all, $45,490. The services of draftsmen and such other technical services as the "`°°‘“‘*°°"""*"· Secreta of the Navy ma deem necessary may be employed only in the Byureau of Steam Esngineering and at rates of compensation not exceeding those paid hereunder pfrior to January first, nineteen hundred and fourteen, to carry into e act the various appropriations for "Increasc of the Navy" and "(E):§,·ineering," to be paid rom the _ a propriation "Engineer1ng": Pr ed, That the expenditures on tgis account for the fiscal year nineteen hundred an sixteen shall ` not exceed $48,300. A statement of the persons emplcyd hereunder, their duties, and the compensation paid to each sh be made to Congress each year in the annual estimates. BUREAU or C0Ns·rsUc·rroN Arm Rnramz Chief clerk, $2,250; ,,§’,“§,§’*.§“;{’,{,,,°*,}’}"’“'?' clerks—two of class four, three of class three, three of class two, three at $1,300 each, three of class one, nine at $1,100 each, fifteen at $1,000 each (one transferred from Bureau of Equipment); five copvists; two assistant messengers; laborer; messenger boys—nme at $600 each, one $400; in all, $59,650.