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1030 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. C11. 141. 1915. charwomen; captain of the watch, $1,200; forty watchman; additional to two watchman acting as lieutenants of watchman, at $120 , each; engineer, $1,200; assistant engineer, $1,000; seven Eroman; cm: to saga tribal clerk to sign, under the direction of e Secretary, m hrs name and 'd••°¤· for him, hrs a proval of a.ll tribal deeds to allottees and deeds for town lots manila and executed according to law for any of the Five Civilized Tribes of Indians in the Indian Territory, $1,200; m all, $275 820. Bgf,;*g;'L°¤d °*”°° G4-ineral Land Office Building: Engineer and electrician, $1,600; E¤z1r·¤érs,e1¤. assistant engineer, $1,000; four firemen; three watchman, acting as lioutenants, at $840 each; twenty watchman; elevator conductor, $720; fourteen laborers; nine laborers, at $480 each; three skilled mechanim (painter, carpenter, and plumber), at $900 each; in all, $39,380. ii°21li$‘a°Y1i'Z1?p2iiZQ¤1- Ormorr or Somcrrorz: Three members of a board of agpealshto be

  • ¤’¤¤¥=- ¤°°· appointed by the ‘Secretary of the Interior, at $4,000 eac ; assistant

attorneys—one $3,000, two at $2,750 each, four at $2,500 each, seven at $2,250 each, eleven at $2,000 each; medical expert, $2,000; clerks—four of class three (one of whom shall act as stenographer and one of whom shall be a stenographer and typewriter), one of °‘“1§“ °“°; 21*2 °“* ‘¥·85°1 1.1... 1 tw al hrl PM <¤¤¤¤· ¤¢¤·» or r `emin`euo su ceo os eci ins tors,w'e 'P:ii1ii,ii1llci°§•il°”' travelinpg on duty, at a rate to be lixed by thePSecreta1·_$:’iiot exceeding $4 pursuant to section thirteen of the sundry civil Act approved August first, nipeteen hundred ?ndhf , and for acinua neces} s e nses o transportation mc temporary em oyment o sxogligchers, typewriters, and other assistance outsidepof the District of Columbia, and for incidental expenditures necess to the efficient conduct of examinations), to be expended underatllziie direction of the Secretary of the Interior, $4,500.

 For per diem at not exceeding $4 m lieu of subsistence to six

‘ ’ inspectors pursuant to section thirteen of the sundry civil Act a proved August first, nineteen hundred and fourteen and whxe remaining at the seat of governmont rmder orders of the Secretary not to exceed twenty days, transportation and sleeping-car fare, incrdental expenses of negotiation, inspection, and investigation, includinitelegraphing, $12,800. _ °°°°°"·°°d°“°°· mumnar. LAND Omen: Commissioner, $5,000; assistant commissioner, $3,500; chief clerk, $3,000; chief law clerk, $2,500; two law clerks, at $2 200 each; three law examiners of surveyors aneral and district land offices, at $2,000 each; recorder, $2,000; cgiefs of divisions-—one of surveys $2,750, one $2,400, ten at $2 000 each; assistant chief of division, $2,000· law examiners—thirteen at $2,000 each, ten at $1 800 each, eighteen at $1,600 each; clerkstwentyseven of class iour, iiftrxgne of class three, seventy-four of class two, seventy-seven of c ono, sixty-five at $1,000 each; sixty-five copyists; twenty-six copyists, at $7210 each; two messe rs; ten assistant messen ers; messenger oys—ten at $600 ealdgf six at $480 each; six skiied laborers, who may act as assistant messengers when required, at $660 each; sixteen laborers; laborer, $480; packer, $720; depositary acting for the commissioner as receiver of public moneys, $2,000, who may, with the a proval of the commissioner, designate a clerk of the General Land) Office to act as such depositary in his absence; clerk and librarian, $1,000; _ _ in all, $631,250. _ ,,;§',§,§f"»°°°·» ”“"*· For par diem rn lieu of subsistence, at not exceedin $4, pursuant _,,,,,,,,_m_ to section thirteen of the srmdry civil Act approve; August iirst nineteen hundred and fourteen, of examiners and of clerks detailed to inspect offices of United States surve ors general and other offices m pu he land service, to investigate gaudulent land entries, tres-