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SIXTY·THI.RD CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 141. 1915. 1031 passes on the public lands, and cases of oHicial misconduct, actual necessa.ry expenses of transportation, including necessary sleepingcar fares, an for employment of stenographers and other assistants when necessary to the efficient conduct 0 examinations, and when authorized by the Commissioner of the General Land Office, $6,000. For law books for the law library, $400. L""’°°*’· For connected and separate United States and other maps, pre- ¥,‘,E,f’g,,,_ pyared in the General Land Office, $20,000: Promkled, That of the D¤¤¤>¤¤¤¤· nrted States mag procured hereunder seven thousand two hundred copies shall be d `vered to the Senate and fourteen thousand four hundred copies shall be delivered to the House of Representatives, five hundred zggges shall be delivered to the Commissioner of the General Land ce, and the residue shall be delivered to the Secretary of the Interior for distribution. All maps delivered to the Senate and House of Representatives hereunder shall be mounted with rollers readgr for use. Sm dhnmlu _ For separate tate and Territorial mai; including madps showin maps. °° areas designated by the Secretary of the terior un er e enlarged homestea Acts, prepared in the General Land Office, $3,300. an Om Inman Omron: Commissioner, $5,000; assistant commissioner, In $3,500; chief clerk, $2,750; forester, $3,000· Bnancial clerk, $2,250; chiefs of divisions—one $2,250, one $2,000; law clerk, $2,000; assistant chief of division, $2,000; expert accountant, $2,000; (private secretary, $1,800; examiner of irrigation accounts, $1 800; aftsmen—-— one $1,400, one $1,200; clerks-—twenty of class fiour, thirty-one of class three, thirt -eight of class two, two at $1,500 each, sixty-eight of class one (including one stenographer), thirty-two at $1,000 each (including one stenographer), thirty-four at $900 each, two at $720 each; mesenger; four amistantimessengers; four mesenger boys, at $360 each; in all, $325,550. Pmmom Pnnsron Ormcn: Commissioner, $5,000; deputy commissioner, $3,600; chief clerk, $2,500; assistant chief clerk, $2,000•_ medical referee, $3,000; assistant medical referee, $2,250; two qualified surgeons, at $2,000 each; twelve medical examiners, at $1,800 eacheight chiefs of divisions, at $2,000 each; law clerk, $2,250; chief of board of review, $2,250; forty principal at $2,000 each; private secretary, to be selected and appgrnted bgi the Commissioner of Pensions, $2,000; twelve assistant c efs of visions, at $1,800 each; three stenographers, at $1,600 each; disbursing clerk for the payment of pensions, $4,000; deputy disbursing clerk, $2,750· three supervising c erks in the disbursrng ivision, at $2,000 each; clerksone hundred of class four, ninety of class three, two hrmdred and sixty-tive of class two, three hundred and_thirty-five of class one, eighty at $1,000 each; sixty copyists; thirty messengers; sixteen assistant messengers; seventeen skilled laborers, at $060 each; twenty messenger boys, at $400 each; supermtendent of building, $1,400; twenty-three laborers; ten female laborers, at $400 each; fifteen charwomen; pamter, and cabinetmaker, skilled in their trades, at $900 each; captain of the watch, $840; sergeants of the watch, at $750 each; twenty watchmen; engineer, $1,200; two firemen; in all, $1,518,650. _ B D the fiscal year nineteen hundred and sixteen not more than ,,,,,,,,ms°°°'i°°“’“_ °"°m"' twenty-Eve per centum of the vacancies occurring in the classified service of the Bureau of _Pensions hereinabove provided for shall be filled except by promotion or demotion from among those in the classified service m said bureau. The salaries or compensation of all laces which may not be iilled as hereinabove rovided for shall_not be available for expenditure but shall lapse ami) shall be covered into the Treasury.