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86 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. 1. Ch. 4. 1913. by the said States or by the county of Yuma, in the State of Arizona, and the conmty of) Imperial, in the State of Oalifomm., of at least twothirds of the cost of said bridge; and that the proper authorities of the said States assume full responsibility for and will at all times U I H M maintain and said bri e and the approaches thereto: And ’ provided further, at the. bri e shall be built in accordance with Vat 34, v- St the provisions of the Act entitled "An Act to regulate the construction of briggEshove1rr rniavigizble waters/’ approved March twenty- third nme un e an six. N°'°,,§°,m,,‘““'““‘ Foi· the urpose of enabling the Secretary of the Interior to carry

;¤*§;lgmd into eifectllzhe provisions of the sixth article of the treaty of June

` ` eighth eighteen hundred and sixty ht, between the United States and the avajo Nation or Tribe-Gd? Indians, proclaimed August twelfth, eighteen hundred andsixty-eight,whereb the United States 'zigees to prov1de school facilities for the childyren of the Nava`o be of Indians, the sum of _$100,000, or so much thereof as may llc necessary, is hereby apptrpgriated, out of any fnmds in the Treasury not otherwise aplpropria . In carrying out the authority hereby conferred the said Secretgrg may expend said funds, in his d1scretion in establishingjday or_industrial schools, tribal habits and chnliaitaeii conditions being considered, suitable for the education of sa.1 ans. w°‘“ '“”"· For the development of a water suppigy for the Navajo $15,00§édto be 1mmed1ate1y available an to remain available un expen . , caunm. CALIFORNIA. S°P ·°°°~»°'*“‘ S1rc.3.Forsu rtandciviliz tio fllndi Clif ’ °· my cluding pay of egigloyees, and fol tllbf‘pumhas·d1l>insml;H(§ts]1df land situated adjacent to lands hereto ore purchased, and for improvemgggsogg lands for the use and occupancy of Indians in Caliomia . ‘

  • ”=¤¤¤¤¤ ‘¤=¤*¤*°· Foijsupport and education of five hundred and fifty Indian pupils

at the Sherman Institute, Riverside, Qahfornia, and for pay of su er- $te‘rilde;1:64$§gb350; for general repairs and improvements, $10,800; “‘“‘“ R°’?,,,'{‘“°° Fox: reclaination and maintenanc h Y all tm krllliaigizcaln $40,000, to be reimbursed from th;} sizlldrgtq digpluldnlzuds cor Wha P. lm other funds that maybe available, in accordance with the provisions Fm B;dnuScML of the Act of March third, mneteen hundred and eleven. For supgprt and education of one hundred and twenty-five Indian pupils at e Fort Bidwell Indian School, Cahfomia, and for repairs cmmvme School. an improvements $20,000. For support_and educat1ou_of one hundred Indian pupils at the Greetr;v1H;0I)ni)c(g1an School, _C8·l.1fol'I118, and for repairs an improve- Hmm www M men , S , _, new bl11ldl!1gS,_$l0,000; m all, $30,000. uwmgmm For comdp1et11§ the construption of the wagon road on the Hoops ,,:g°35_P ,,_ Valley In an eservation, m the county of Humboldt, State of Cahforma, and for the purpose of repa1n.ng1that part of said road

gnus;mcte2u13ngi¢g·£:t esprgovgsioni of the Agtcpf Acpril thirtieth,

! I 0 · tion of the Secretary of the,Interior. B 8 6 un er the

  • "°‘““· rsosmn.

Relief of Seminoles. ligeormuue. Sec. 4. Thattheunexpended bal fth ‘ ‘ V L i’6· P·1°“~ •‘ for relief fof distress among the Searldtirldle I1(l¢ll1Id:Ir’1Is01Ii1nIl%ltb(i·l1d(d$ 2;%% pn1-posesi oMthe;1r ;:l:]y1li1zat1o1;, made duliatihe Indian approlpriation Act approve ·arc r , nine ee d · propriated and made available? uu an eleven' B Bmby map`