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SIXTY-THIRD coivonnss. sms. m. cs. 141. 1915. 1035 The Secretary of the Interior is authorized to detail tem raril '*`°"‘ NY *********5 clerks_from the omoe of one surveyor general to anotherpoas thi; mamma` necessities of the service may require and to pa their actual necessary traveling expenses m going to and returning fiom such omoe out of the appropriation for surveying the gublic ands. A detailed statement of traveling expenses incurre hereunder shall be made to Congress at the beginning of each regular session thereof. T e use of the und created by the Act of July second, eighteen ;,,(§,T,°°°,',{°,§’,§;f‘},‘,',§',§§ hundred and sixty-four (Thirteenth Statutes, page three hundred "°*·”·P·3°5· and sixty-five), and the Act of March second, e hteen hundred and V°1‘2°*p‘°°"· nmety-five (Twenty-eighth Statutes, page nine lgundred and thirt - seven), for omce work in the surveyor general’ s omces and in the General Land Omoo is extended for onemyear from June thirtieth, mneteen hundred and fifteen: Provided, at not to exceed $25,000 of this fund shall be used for the purposes above indicated. POST OFFICE DEPARTMENT. may of¤¤¤ 1>•v¤r¢» Orman Posrmasrmn Gmmnanz Postmaster General, $12,000; P¤¤¤¤»¤¢¤r G•¤¤¤1. chief clerk, including $500 as superintendent of buildipgs, $4,000- °m°t°l°"°'°l°l¤’°°°' private secretary, $2,500; disbursing clerk, $2,250; boo oeper and accountant, $1,800; two stenographers, at $1,600 each; apgomtment clerk, $2,000; assistant to chief clerk, $2,000; confidenti clerk to Postmaster General, $2,000 (formerly assistant s3§rintendent in ohzrsie of mail equipment, Fourth Assistant’s ce) ; chairman bo of inspection, $2,000 (formerly assistant su erintendent in charge of inspection of supplies, Fourth Assistant’s Omoo); printing clerk, $1,800 (formerly cler of class four, Fourth Assistant’s Omoo); clerks—four of class four (one transferred from Fourth Assistant’s Omoo, one from Division of Post Omoo Inspectors, and two to First i%sistant’s Office), six of class three (two transferred from First Assistaut’s Omoo, one from Foiuth Assistant’s Omoo, two to Third Assistant’s Omce, one to Division of Post Omoo Inspectors, and one to Division of Purchasin Agent) ten of class two (one transferred from First Assistants Office, two from Second Assistant’s Omoo, one from Third Assistantfs Omoo, one to Division of Purchasing Agent, and one to Division of Solicitor), six of class one (one transferred rom Division of Post Omce Insgéctors), three at $1,000 each (three transferred to Division of Post ce Inspectors and one to First Assistant’s Omce), eight at $900 each (one transferred from Second Assistant’s Oflice and two from Fourth Assistant’s Omce); telephone switchboard operator; assistant telephone switchboard operator; messenger ms¤e¤g¤¤,ee¤. in charge of mails, $900; three messengers (one_ transferred from Fust Assistant’s Omoo and one from Third Assistants Omoo); three assistant messengers (one transferred from Division of Post Omce Inspectors); pages—two at $480 each (one transferred from Second Assistants Omoo and one from Third Assistant’s Omoo) three at $360 each (one transferred from First Assistant’s Omoo and one from _ Fourth Assistants Omoo); e@eer, $1,400; eight assistant engineers, E“g"’°°"’°'°· at $1,000 each; electrician, $1,400; two assistant electricians, at $1,200 each; three dynamo tenders, at $900 each; fireman, who shall be a blacksmith, and fireman, who shall be a steam fitter, at $900 each; ten elevator conductors, at $720 each; seventeen m·emen; _ carpentersr—one $1,200, one $1,000, two at $900 each; captam of the 6,;) “‘°'““°“·’“*’°""· watch, $1,000; additional to two watchmen acting as lieutenant of watchmen, at $120 each; twenty-four watchmen; foreman of laborers $800; forty-seven laborers (two transferred from Fourth Ass1stant’s Omoo); plumber, $900; awning maker, $900; female laborers-—ono $540, three at $500 each, Eve at $480 each (two transferred from Fourth Assistants Omoo); forty-five charwomen; in all, $201,210.