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1040 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 141. 1915. c1erks—ten of class four, nine of class three, nine of class two (one transferred from Census Office), fifteen of class one (three transferred from Census Office), ten at $1,000 each (two transferred from Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce), ten at $900 each (three transferred from Census Office and one from Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce); two tele hone operators, at $720 each; messenger to the Secretary, $1,000; fiie messengers; seven assistant messengers; six messenger boys at $480 each; engineer, $1,000; assistant engineer, $1,000 (transferred from Census Office); skilled laborers——one at $1,000 (transferred from Cemus Office), two at $840 each; four at $720 each (three transferred from Census Office); three elevator conductors, at $720 each; three firemen (one transferred from Census Office); thirteen laborers; two laborers, at $480 each; cabinetmaker, $1,000; c enter $900; chief watchman, $900; tenwatchmen (two transferreilinfiom Census Omoo) · twenty-five charwormen (five transferzred from Census Office); in all, $170,480. I"'”“°““°'B"‘°“"‘ Bunmu or Lremrnousnsz Commissioner, $5,000; deputy commissioner, $4,000; chief constructing engineer, $4,000; superintendent of naval construction, $3,000; chi clerk, $2,400; clerksone $2,000, two of class four, two of class three, two of class two, five of class one, seven at $1,000 each, two at $900 each, one $840; messenger; assistant messenger; messenger boy, $480; assistant engineers--one $3,000, one $2,400, one $2,250; draftsmen—·one $1,800, one $1,560, one $1,500, one $1,440, two at $1,200 each; in all, $64,030. ¤•¤¤¤°¤¤•· Causes 0m·rcn: Director, $6,000; four chief statisticians, at $3,000 each; chief clerk, $2,500; geographer, $2,000; stenograxer, · $1,500; export chiefs of divisions, at $2,000 each; cler —- eleven of ass four, twenty of class three, thirty-seven of class two (one tran§erred to Se<:retary’s office), three hundred of class one (three transferred to Secretary’s office), eighty-three at $1,000 each, eighty-two at $900 each (three transferred to Secretsgs office); skilled laborers——three at $900 each, two at $720 each ( ee transferred to Secrem omce); three messengers; five assistant messengers; three n led laborers, at $720 each; four messenger boys, at $480 each; in all, $674,740. “P°°‘“‘ "'l’°"“· °“* For securing infomation for census reports, Hrovided for by law, semimonthly reports of cotton dproductionuporio `cal report of stocks of baled cotton m the Unite _States an of domestic and foreign consumption of cotton; (per diem compensation of s ial ts and ex _ of same an of detailed emeggoyees, whetgg emgoyed in Was n,_D1stnct of Columbia or where; cost of transcribing State, municipal, _0r other records; temporary rental of quarters outside of the istrict of Columbia; for supervising agents, and emplivlyment by them of such temporary service as may be necessary

’;8,,,,s_ m co ecting statistics required by law: Provided That the compensation of not to exceed five special agents provided for in this paragraph may be fixed at an amount not to exceed $8 {per day, $512,000,

,¤§,Q_*}}§;“ °jm}§f,§§j 150,000 of said sum to be 1lI1II1Bd.l8.t8lE available or the completion mms. of the canvass of manufact estab ents. c,§¤‘Q'$"¤¤ '”“‘ For experimental work in developing tabulating machines and repairs to such machinery and other mechanical ap hances, including techmcal and mechanical service in connection therewith whether gerfglrmgcgfm Washington, District (pf Colgmbgi, or elsewhere, and ur as necessarym eryan su es 12000.

 °°'““’ That section_thirty-one of the Act applfgved July second, nineteen

p_;1<g•1&.¤6. n- m. ra- huiidred andfmire, is hereby;ire§)aled. _i·¤¤sg¤ me new- _ ureau o_ oreign an mestic Commerce: Chief $6,000; “°°°““"“°°B‘“'“"· assistant chiefs—one $3,500, one $3,000; chiefs of divisions—one 3,;%), one mantaehief cli; division, chief clerk,

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clerks—mne of class four, six oflcilgss three, one $1.,500, of